Martin Schläpfer at the Rhine Ballet

Rhine Ballet b.01
We have tickets for the Premier of b.o3 in Düsseldorf on Feb 21st. Email us for details

The new director at the Rhine Ballet, Martin Schläpfer, has been causing more than a stir since arriving in here Düsseldorf. Take a look at this rehearsal video and you know that he is putting his dancers through some incredibly physical stuff. Added to this one of the ensemble also put on Facebook that she had never known such muscle pain(!), so it was with much anticipation that I actually went to see b.01.
I was NOT disappointed. My goodness what an extraordinary performance! I loved part one, March, Waltz, Polka and felt that the final part, Symphony, was a total attack on all senses - in a most impressive way. Almost like you could actually smell what was going on! WoW. Go see.
The Opera have kindly reserved special-priced tickets for us for the ballet b.02 for 16th April 2010. Details to follow nearer the time.
Meanwhile check this out to see what all the buzz is about. It's brought to you by Deutsche Welle, German news in English.

Martin Schläpfer was awarded the most prestigious German theatre prize, the Faust Prize, for the category choreography, in November. Congratulations!

b.02 Kunst der Fuge