Opera Scouting 2011

The Opera Scouts were treated to three premieres on the first weekend in December when the Opera House re-opened after refurbishment of the orchestra pit.
My favourite was without a doubt the ballet b.10
Reviews of Carmen and Il barbiere di Siviglia coming up soon!

b.10 Ballet am Rhein
©Gert Weigelt

It’s no secret that I am a big Schläpfer fan. I write this having seen b.10 twice now, once alone and once with the RhineBuzz group, each time was quite different, the responses from my guests insightful and questioning and I am left feeling most fortunate that I live in Düsseldorf, a city that offers us world class arts that are, at times, just second to none.
B.10 belongs in this satin-lined box.
‘Emotions laid bare’ was for me, the story in “Drittes KlavierKonzert”. A beautiful piece of heart-wrenching dance, full of turmoil, joy, longing, rage and sometimes, completeness.
Nothing is final when it comes to love, or perhaps, if and when it is, it quite simply is no longer alive ....
The fine, yet powerful movements of the dancers were as always, quite incredible as they wove and told their tales. As the curtain came down I kind of wanted more, but felt also content and 'wow' at the same time that something so beautiful had just touched my soul.
As the next piece ended my companion rightly remarked “so that is what the pixels do when there is a break in the transmission!”
Can “Tanzsuite” be described in a more accurate way? I very much doubt it.
I adored this piece and left thinking I envy anyone who sees it ‘for the first time’. 
Filled with colour and humour, extraordinary angles and absolute beauty, this is one of my favourite Schläpfer pieces. It combines video art and dance in a most unique and effective way without ever overpowering the astounding dancers at all.
Something different happens here for each and every viewer. And I could watch it again and again.