Wine Tasting with Nicola

So many have asked us to organise wine tastings and we've been trying to fix a date for quite some time, so we are very happy that Nicola now has the capacity to bring her amusing tastings with her immense wine knowledge back to Düsseldorf. Nicola Blanchard is a qualified WSET wine enthusiast with years of experience.

Discover 5 fabulous German wines with her accompanied by culinary delights prepared for you by WINELIVE, Düsseldorf's newest wine location, selected by the city guide Prinz as the best opening for wine in Düsseldorf 2009!

Places for the evening are €35, only available from Nicola and RhineBuzz.
Please contact Nicola if you have any questions 0179 590 1097

Wednesday, 24th February 2010
19:30 - 22:00


Im Liefeld 32

40227 Düsseldorf

Rhine Ballet Premier b.03 and upcoming b.02

RhineBuzz were at the Premier of b.03.

We have secured discounted tickets for the Rhine Ballet b.o2 Kunst der Fuge for April 16th at 19:30. Email for details.

The entire performance was stunning but the highlight for me was the heart-rendering centre piece "Signing Off." A strong, emotional dance that will remain with me forever. Unbelievably powerful in a mystical and haunting way, this award-winning piece by Paul Lightfoot and Sol León is about farewell.
Stunningly beautiful. One of the members of our group is a professional performer - he had tears in his eyes as we met for the intermission.
The Philip Glass music was just incredible.

We met members of the ensemble after the performance who shared the delights of working with the Rhine Ballet's director Martin Schläpfer with us. Simply put, we were told that each day is a new challenge and that the learning process, working with this quiet Swiss artist, is second to none. "Everyone is a star when working with Martin, there is no better director to be working with today" the ballerina smiled.

The next performance is on Friday 26th February and again on Saturday 27th. You can purchase tickets from the excellent Opera Shop or online.
b.03 runs in Düsseldorf until April 4th.

Fit2Dance 8th and 9th May Düsseldorf

''Be healthy, stay fit and have as much fun as possible''
This is the simple Fit2Dance philosophy

Sinclair Arts Productions are proud to present "Fit2dance" Workshop 2010

This coming weekend!
Saturday 8th and 9th May
Holmes Place Health Club
Kölner Landstrasse 11
40591 Düsseldorf

The internationally known "Fit2dance" Workshops combine the worlds of dance and movement with the fitness industry and present you a workout that your body will never forget.

There are thirty classes to choose from, ranging from yogaballetfusion, hip hop grooves, zumba, salsa freestyle, capoeira, step and Bollywood workout. With ten international instructors taking you through your paces, step by step, much of the instruction is in English.

A perfect way to meet new friends who share similar interests and a fun way to try new and wonderful ways to move your body and stay in shape.

This Weekender also includes a dance/Fashion presentation from British Designer Sinclair Wear, free F@D cocktails, F2D lunch, F2D massage and live music by "Little Snax"

Not to missed

or call Colin Sinclair on +49 (0)172 284 1769

RhineBuzz Special - mention RhineBuzz in your booking and you will receive 10% off!

Mapplethorpe Opening

John and I spoke with Michael Stout, the president of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation and Eric Johnson at the opening of the Robert Mapplethorpe Retrospective at the NRW-Forum last night.

Michael kindly, with a big smiling face, gave us a personal view of the photographer; they had known one another many years, he was his friend, his lawyer and the person he asked to help build and take care of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.

I also spoke with Ralph Goertz, who has recently returned from the States where he was able to speak with, and film, people who had been friends with Mapplethorpe and who had worked with him. I asked Ralph if these people were tired of having to answer questions on Mapplethorpe and was very surprised to hear that several of the people in his movie "Shapes" had never spoken about Mapplethorpe before! A enormous coup for Ralf - congratulations - and a wonderful film is the result! You can see it at the exhibition and purchase it in the shop at the NRW-Forum.

The tour will evolve greatly I'm sure as we move through the weeks of the exhibition.

We encourage questions and discussions and are able to contact the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation with unanswered questions which will no doubt come up.

Certainly the response to the packed opening last night was very positive. The photographs are everything - stunningly beautiful, intriguing and quite unlike anything you may have seen before.

Marja from Finnland and Mercedes from Spain who won an invitation to the opening at our Funk & Soul Party in November.

Stammtisch every Friday from February 12th.
Free tour in English 9pm.

Meet and Greet Schumann Quartett

The Schumann Quartett
Final concert May 9th at 5pm

In January over 30 of the RhineBuzz community had a great afternoon with the young Schumann Quartett on Sunday in the robert schumann hall.
Our visitors truly enjoyed the concert and we've had fabulous feedback about the meeting with them before the performance. We were all enamored by the anecdotes the Schumann Family had to share with us, including a little musical history and demonstrations of different versions of what was to come.
I thanked Erik Schumann for taking precious time before the concert to meet us. He replied with:
Dear Caroline,
It was a pleasure. Thank you so much for bringing so many friendly people to our concert!
Best wishes to all RhineBuzz members and see you again soon!

The next erstklassik! Schumann Quartett concert will be on May 9th at 5pm with:

Joseph Haydn
"Spaßquartett" op. 33 Nr. 2 Hob. III: 38
Robert Schumann
Streichquartett op. 41 Nr. 2
Johannes Brahms
Streichquartett Nr. 1 c-Moll

More about these marvellous young musicians here