Smart New World Tour at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

INS- Declaration of Inauthenticity
Tate Britain, London 2009
Photo: INS Deparment of Propaganda @Richard Eaton, Tate

NSA, open source data, Big Brother, protection of the individual, Aaron Swartz, social networks, 2084 ..
How do artists deal with these subjects?

Sometimes I see an exhibition and I just know it is perfect for the RhineBuzz community!
When I experienced the preview of Smart New World at the Kunsthalle - I knew this was one of those shows.

So all you geeks and nerds of the RhineBuzz community, this is the event for you! Curator Elodie Evers is looking forward to your insightful questions from the inside of this contentious, most engrossing and yet totally unavoidable subject.

As a RhineBuzz special, the Kunsthalle is kindly giving us the tour for free, entrance to the museum is also free.

The tour will begin at 6:30pm sharp! We will meet at the bottom of the stairs at the entrance to the museum. I suggest you arrive at the Kunsthalle 15 minutes before as the entry procedure can be lengthy - be prepared to read the small print
If you have the time and can be there even earlier, come in and take a look at the videos. The museum closes at 8pm and after the tour you will probably be short on time to see them all - and they are most certainly worth a look.

Smart New World

RhineBuzz tour in English with Curator Elodie Evers
July 31 at 6:15pm
Grabbeplatz 4
40213 Düsseldorf

Open Source Festival 2014

A brimming programme of both local and international sounds including the brilliant
New Yorkers Hercules and Love Affair
and charismatic new Düsseldorf duo BAR at the
Open Source Festival

BAR are Lucas Croon and Christina Irrgang
photo © Orson Sieverding

Saturday July 12 at the Horse Race Course Düsseldorf 
12 hours + of music, music, music!
Tickets - here