Jean Tinguely. Super Meta Maxi at Museum Kunstpalast

Visiting an exhibition of Jean Tinguely’s art is not a passive experience. Characterised by sound movement and confronting construction it both fills the space it inhabits, and draws the observer in. 
Twenty-five years after the artist’s death, Tinguely’s work are being presented in Germany for the first time. Under the banner, Super Meta Maxi, Museum Kunstpalast’s has more than 90 pieces of TInguely’s work on display in an interactive exhibition of sculptures that you walk around, under and through. And as in the case of his seminal piece – Meta Maxi Maxi Utopia – you have permission to climb up, on and over. 

Jean Tinguely Great Méta-Maxi-Maxi Utopia 1987

Born in Switzerland in 1925, Tinguely began his career as a freelance decorator and artist.  Initially embracing the use of wire to sculpt dynamic pieces, Tinguely’s art expanded to incorporate machines that brought motion and sound to his work. Termed kinetic art, some of these pieces grew to such a size that individual sculptures required an entire room in which to be displayed. 

Jean Tinguely Mengele-Totentanz 1986

Over the course of his career, Tinguely’s exhibitions became known in equal part for the dramatic pieces on display and for the spectacle that surrounded their presentation including a self destructive installation that ultimately went up in flames, and a collaborative work with his wife, sculptor Niki de Phalle, of a giant woman’s body that visitors could walk inside. Both were indicative of Tinguely’s capacity to create colourful, playful pieces that also explored deeper themes of identity, aggression and fear.

Jean Tinguely at the zoo in Krefeld 1987
Photo: AFORK Düsseldorf Leonardo Bezzola

While the Meta Maxi exhibition at Museum Kuntspalast is unlikely to end in flames, controversy or arrest, it is nonetheless a wonderful exhibition that will have you searching out the source of sounds of crashing metal and grinding wheels or following the scent of burning beams down darkened tunnels. Make sure to seek out the superbly presented installation Mengele Totentanz – situated in a room off the one housing Meta Maxi Maxi Utopia. This is a profound and haunting piece that will stay with you long after you leave the exhibition.
Fiona Leonard

Jean Tinguely. Super Meta Maxi
23 April to 14 August 2016
Museum Kunstpalast 
Ehrenhof 4-5
40479 Düsseldorf

Photography Masterclass with Pete Marifoglou

Broken Pavement New York City 1969
@Pete Marifoglou

Next in our series of RhineBuzz Masterclasses will be an afternoon with New York photographer Pete Marifoglou on Monday May 14.

The moment I laid eyes on his work I just knew this was something extraordinarily special.  

As a student of School of Visual Arts NY, Pete took lectures with Robert Mapplethorpe, Diane Arbus, Duane Michals and Nam June Paik to name but a few. He was invited to take stills at Andy Warhol's Factory. His images are so iconic they almost defy description, we have seen these scenes in so many magazines, but the view is very much his own.

This masterclass will be about looking and considering what we actually see.

Pete Marifoglou
@ Markus Luigs

Today with our phones and digital cameras it is easy to not really see what we photograph - we snap away, then sift through endless images in the hope that we have caught the right one. Pete is an old school photographer, carefully considering his frame and subject before taking that shot. And then, what an image you have! Not a pot-luck photo, but a carefully decided image - a real photograph.

Pete Marifolgou is the winner of two Grimme prizes, one of the most prestigious prizes in German tv.
His work has been described as 'not only rare, but the best emotional I have ever seen for many years' by the director of the Chagall Museum in Nice.
I took his work to the Jewish Museum in New York and could see the look of discovery in the eyes of the curator. 
Other people in the arts world have said, 'Few people are still alive who have experienced the New York at the time that you did. It is a real treasure to see this work and to be able to ask a living person about where it came from, how it came about ' .

' I place you high among the new European photographers' J.C. Lemony, Director of Bibliothéque National Paris in 1979.

Especially for RhineBuzz Pete will take just 4 keen photographers out and about to see his Düsseldorf.  First you will meet, and glimpse his work, then he will take you to shoot in and about town, you will spend the final hour assessing what you have each done.

Cost €88.00
The workshop will take place in the city centre of Düsseldorf, weather permitting
For further details please email
You can use a digital camera for this workshop

Review - RhineBuzz at the Tonhalle - Sternzeichen 8 with Lucas and Arthur Jussen

Fiona Leonard is new in town.
Originally from Australia, Fiona is an author, scriptwriter and blogger whose wanderlust has taken her across 26 countries on five continents.
I am very happy to welcome Fiona to RhineBuzz, she will be reviewing much of what we do - can't wait :)

Visiting a concert space for the first time is a wonderful treat; a chance to not only experience a performance but the venue as well. Experiencing the Dusseldorf Symphony at the Tonhalle on Monday night was a delight both in terms of venue and performance. While many venues separate the performers and the audience, the Tonhalle is at once both an intimate and a soaring venue. With its impressive domed roof, the Tonhalle, places the audience both in the midst of the orchestra and beneath an arcing sky.

Such a space was a perfect setting for the Dusseldorf Symphony’s performance of Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, the recently composed, ‘Symphonic Transformations of a Theme by John Beall’, and the Symphony’s partnership with Dutch piano prodigies, Lucas and Arthur Jussen, performing Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra in D Minor by Francis Poulenc.

The evening opened with the premiere of ‘Symphonic Transformations of a Theme by John Beall’; a piece composed in 2014 by American, Kevin Beavers as gift for his composition teacher, John Beall. This is an innovative work that gives as much space to its percussive section as to the more traditional orchestral voices. It is always a pleasure to experience a new piece presented for the first time and when called to the stage at the end of the performance, Beaver’s clear delight at having his composition brought to life was wonderful to see. 
It would be easy to read a symbolic message into the second part of the evening’s performance: a section that began with the orchestra being rearranged to accommodate two young faces on the stage. As the orchestra waited patiently, chairs were removed and two grand pianos moved to centre stage to await the arrival of Dutch piano virtuosos, Lucas Jussen (23) and Arthur Jussen (19). 
With blonde locks and orange socks rounding off their suited ensemble, the brothers looked as if they had got lost en route to a very different type of concert. But their mastery of Poulenc’s Concerto made it clear they were exactly where they were meant to be. The Jussen’s display an unabashed engagement with the music, delighting in their performance and that of their fellow musicians.  The audience’s enthusiastic response to both the Poulenc and the Jussen’s encore of Bizet’s ‘Jeux d’infants  – played on a single piano – left no doubt as to the Jussen’s right to claim centre stage.

The finale of the evening, Dvorák’s ‘New World Symphony’ was a fitting end to a program that felt like something of a reimagining of the musical space.  A symphony that has literally been to the moon and back, Dvorák’s 9th Symphony speaks to both its European heritage and Dvorák’s experience of the burgeoning New York of the late 1800s. Conductor, Dmitry Liss, an energetic and enigmatic performer in his own right, drew out an elegant collection of solos, particularly from the wind and brass sections, matching them with the strength of the Symphony’s string section, to bring the evening’s journey to a triumphant close.

Bowie's Piano Man - an evening with Clifford Slapper, March 31 at Stahlwerk

Bowie's Piano Man will be an evening celebrating the music of Mike Garson - David Bowie's piano man for some 40 years and a musician often cited as one of the top ten pianists around the world.

Clifford Slapper, Mike Garson's biographer is also a pianist, this is why the two met.
It seemed just right that Clifford should be the man to write the biography of Mike Garson, the two built a great trust and an intriguing book is the result; more than just a biography of a world-class musician, it is a book of a musician by a musician that is full of hope, healing and a great understanding of all that music, without boundaries, can be.

We will be talking with Clifford Slapper about his book and his friendship with Mike Garson which has lasted many years right up until now as they were last together in London just recently when Bowie's last band to tour with him, reunited in London for the most poignant Brit Awards.

The evening will be hosted by Mayo Velvo, chansonnier and Liebling of Düsseldorf's cabaret scene and, also a great Bowie admirer. Mayo will be treating us not only to his charismatic presentation, but he will also sing a couple of Bowie songs, accompanied by Clifford Slapper on piano, making these songs his very own.

Photo Carsten Sander

Mayo will be joined by the singers, Edi Winarni, Linda Hergarten and Ian LeBlanc. Four corners of the world of music, electronica, classical, rock and chansons will come to together on this evening, to make for a surprising performance in the true sense of what art is all about. Not 100% planned, and eye-opening for both audience and protagonists. 

Photo Katarina Pobltzki
Edi, is a Düsseldorf multi-media artist working in several disciplines including electronic music. He was introduced to me by Emil Schult several years ago, when he was singing with the band MITHis performance to this eclectic evening can't be missing in the city that grew the very roots in electronica and gave them to the world.

Linda is a graduate of the Robert Schumann Music Conservatory. I first saw this young woman perform Kurt Weil songs side-by-side with none other than Campino, of Germany's biggest rock band Die Toten Hosen. Entitled 'Welcome to Germany' This most moving concert was given to recall the the exhibition 'Degenerate Music' that took place in Düsseldorf over 70 years ago.
Linda had such a wonderful, relaxed stage presence I have wanted to work with her ever since and am now thrilled that she will be joining us for this wonderful event.

In total contrast, Ian LeBlanc is the singer and songwriter of the indie rock band Aberrations. Having recently released their first album they are now making the rounds on the live circuits and steadily building a strong following whilst having a whole lot of fun on stage!
Ian as it happens, is a musician with a great respect for Mike Garson, when I discovered this, I simply had to invite him to join us on at this performance.

The evening will be embellished by Luca Kohlmetz and Ben Schlemmer, students at the Düsseldorf Kunstakademie. They have been given the exclusive rights to work with images from the book 'Bowie's Piano Man' just for the evening.

I'm thrilled to see how Düsseldorf singers have embraced this unique performance, overcoming their uncertainties and willing to get up there and give this a go, so much in the sense of Mike Garson who is the master of improvisation. It's going to be a great night of wildly different music genres coming together to celebrate music from Düsseldorf that is linked to some of the greatest musical influences in the world.
Thank you dear performers, this evening will be a true celebration of so much that RhineBuzz has become bringing the story of this event full circle as it began with further research I was doing last year on the music history of Düsseldorf for the city's 'We Love Music' tour which I wrote in 2011 ... but more about that, and how all this came about, beginning with photographs I was privy to, taken in the 1970s in New York, at this unique RhineBuzz evening at Stahlwerk.

David Bowie and Mike Garson at Olympic Studios
Photo @Kate Simon
Limited tickets €25

From Kautz Ticketshop, Aders Str 48, Düsseldorf Friedrichstadt
or email

Any profits from this event I wish to donate to SingPause - a pioneering Düsseldorf project for the musical education of children in primary schools, headed up magnificently by Manfred Hill.

Bowie's Piano Man - an Evening with Clifford Slapper
March 31 at 8pm 
Doors open 7pm
Ronsdorfer Strasse 134
40233 Düsseldorf

                     This event could not be considered without the people who are dedicated to music and who are so very special in my life.
My heartfelt thanks to prolific Bowie biographer David Buckley who not only introduced me to Clifford last year, but is just brilliant in answering my never-ending questions about electronic music
Thank you to music guru Henry Storch who supports all that I do in such an unprecedented, giving way
To Stefan Prill at Stahlwerk for his generosity

To Luca Kohlmetz, just thanks :)
To Thomas Buchem and Guido Trinks for ideas and support that I could not do without
To Julia Coulmas of Fräulein Swing and Helmut Woigk at Kawai
To Maja
To Christop Christian Beermann for his talented eye and never saying no, even when I need last minute help!
To photographer Pete Marifoglou for his trust and extraordinary eye 
And to all who are helping put this together ... the musicians, the singers, my fab assistant Linda, I couldn't do what I do without you!

Cyprien Gaillard at the Julia Stoschek Collection

Cyprien Gaillard, Koe, 2015
HD Video, 4:17 Min
Courtesy of the artist and Sprueth Magers

April's 'RhineBuzz Around Town' event we will be visiting the Julia Stoschek Collection, a private museum dedicated to video art which is an art form that has its roots in NRW.

Housed in a spectacular space in Oberkassel, RhineBuzz is pleased to offer the first trip to this unique collection including a tour in English.
The current exhibitions at the JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION are NUMBER TWELVE Hello Boys, an exhibition of 13 artists that draw a line from the feminist video and performance pioneers of the 1970s to selected contemporary works among female photographers and video artists and NUMBER ELEVEN which is dedicated to French artist Cyprien Gaillard.

Please email for reservations

Cypriot Gaillard at the Julia Stoschek Collection
April 10 at 13:00
Schanzenstrasse 54 
40549 Düsseldorf

Setting up a Business in Düsseldorf - seminar dates 2016

Next date coming up June 21 - register now!

One in ten entrepreneurs in Germany is not of German origin, the prosperous city of Düsseldorf especially is a very attractive location for new businesses. If you are thinking of turning your own idea into a business, the city's Office of Economic Development offer a whole package of services to help you on your way.

Begin by attending one of these one day workshops in English. I've heard good things about the seminars, here are the dates for 2016:

08 March 2016
21 June 2016
01 September 2016
15 November 2016

You can download the flyer and programme here 
The session is free. If you make a reservation, but then cannot make it, please cancel the reservation and make way for someone who can go, there is often a waiting list.

Contact and registration
City of Düsseldorf 
Office of Economic Development 
Bettina Löhr 
phone: +49 (0)211 89 9 55 06 
fax: +49 (0)211 89 3 55 06 

Seminar Location
 Gewächshaus Düsseldorf
Coworking Space
Mindener Strasse 30
40227 Düsseldorf

The Krypta with Emil Schult

A most exclusive RhineBuzz event!

Emil Schult, longtime collaborator of Kraftwerk, creator of the famed Autobahn cover and contributing artist of the 3D visualisations of the ongoing sell out Kraftwerk concerts is a working Düsseldorf artist and happily a big RhineBuzz fan :)
From 1995 to 2000 Emil decorated the Krypta in the Robert Schumann School of Music, painting the ceiling, walls and floor intricately with all encompassing esoteric themes. Stockhausen composed a soundtrack for the Krypta. 

This is a space of great tranquility and beauty. A most special place in the city.
Emil has agreed to give us another public RhineBuzz tour of the Krypta. The last was three years ago! Spaces are limited to 20, price €15:00

Please register 
RhineBuzz Tour May 7 at 11:00
The Krypta 
Fischer Strasse 110
40476 Düsseldorf

New Horizons with Untold Colors

RhineBuzz will be hosting two events every month for the international community in 2016.
One will be at Café Bar Zogel in Derendorf every third Sunday of the month from 17 - 20.00. Here, Caroline & Linda will be on hand to answer questions about the city and introduce you to other international folks if you are new in town.

Each meeting will be a casual get together to help you make the most of your time in Düsseldorf. We will invite guests from the arts, sports and services especially for expats and so the Duesseldorf Welcome Day will not just happen once a year, but all year round you will be able to connect with RhineBuzz who work closely with the city's Department of Economic Development who in turn, wish to make your working life in Düsseldorf as comfortable as possible.

Our first meeting is entitled: 'Reconsidering Your Working Life in Germany' and will be hosted by Jan-Christoph Daniel, intercultural coach and founder of Untold Colors.

Many international people came to Düsseldorf with a contract. Life was good, as one person told us 'living in Düsseldorf is like being at university, but with money!'

But times move on. 
Projects close, companies restructure.
We know many of you wish to remain here, Düsseldorf is prosperous and lively; but finding work can be so difficult.
Many don't even make it to be invited to an interview, let alone be offered a contract, despite good qualifications.

At the same time the Office of Employment tells us, in Düsseldorf alone, there are on average, 300 vacant positions in IT alone, every day.

So how do we bridge this disconnect?
We need new horizons ....

On this first date, Jan Daniel will be looking to help work on some solutions to this dilemma of finding work in Düsseldorf - in a short 10 minute talk Jan will provide impulses and ideas for adapting to an ever-changing job market.

Then it will be over to you, please feel free to ask questions to both Jan and other members of the international community. Tell us your stories of how you did find work in Düsseldorf.
Let's begin a dynamic exchange that actually helps the international people in Düsseldorf in a very hands-on way.

 'The Future is Coming Faster Than You Think - Reconsidering Your Working Life in Germany' with 
Jan-Christoph Daniel 

Sunday January 16 at 17:00
Café Bar Zogel
Schirmerstr 2

Rhinebuzz is supported by the Department of Economic Development

CodeGirl the documentary on Technovation

CodeGirl the documentary created by 
Leslie Chilcott

Lesley Chilcott (producer of Waiting for Superman, An Inconvenient Truth and the viral codestars video that got more than 20 million views in a few days) has made a documentary, CodeGirl on Technovation

It will be launched on YouTube on November 1 2015 and will be available for free until November 5.

Following this free premium window on Youtube, the documentary will be available in select theatres in the U.S. and also on DVD.

I can arrange private viewing parties in Germany and GB, please contact

I will also be presenting Technovation to schools in Germany and GB in November, please get in touch if you too would like to arrange a meeting.

We need lots girls to register for the programme - it‘s free and is so very enriching!

RhineBuzz Workshops, Museum Kunst Palast

Building tiny ‘Yves Klein‘ models
to soak with pigment

Our RhineBuzz arts workshops at Museum Kunst Palast are one of our happiest, most looked-forward to events.

We now have set dates in the Museum Kunst Palast calendar for 2016, so I have put together a very small round up of images of past events. 
Each event is completely different as regards to which medium we work in, but each one is the same in that we benefit hugely from being able to see a small highlight of the current exhibition at the museum and then after considering the techniques used, we head for the well-equipped studio to give these techniques a go ourselves.
These sessions are not about how ‘good‘ your creative talent is, but about understanding how the arts process works by actually creating yourself. Most are quite astounded at what they can achieve, but it really is the process that is the focus here and not the result.

Prints in all colours, in many techniques,
following the Picasso graphics exhibition

The sessions are not only fun, but they take many to a place they have not visited in their adult, working life: 
'A complete Zen zone'
'I didn‘t think of anything else but colour and the brush and forms I was creating for two hours. No phone, no chat, no meetings ... it was so relaxing. Awesome!‘
'I haven‘t done anything like this since I was in high school. It was very liberating. I LOVED it!‘

Next date is 
Sunday November 22 from 15-17:00
Cost €29 inc entry to the current exhibition
 Zurbarán, Master of Detail
and all materials in the studio

Please email for payment details
Full payment must be made by November 15 to reserve 
one of the limited spaces
Museum Kunstpalast 
Ehrenhof 4-5
40479 Düsseldorf

Making videos, having seen the
Nam June Paik exhibition

Paik is known the ‘Godfather of MTV‘

Colour study following a glimpse at Katarina Grosse‘s
sumptuous colour installation, here we are making shapes
to then immerse and surround with colour 

Katarina Grosse
Inside the Speaker

The Guitar

The one musical instrument we all ‘know’ whether we are musical, or not.

Nearly every one of us has a guitar chord in our hearts, be it classical, rock or r&b, in our lives, that whenever it is played, brings emotions flooding back, no matter how long ago it was that that particular sound was heard last.

The guitar is so diverse, so simple, yet can be so very diverse. So very many things.

Join us for a RhineBuzz event on Sunday October 25 at Bar Zogel that will encompass so much of what the guitar is from some of the most exquisite classical guitar on the planet to the very newest rock sounds - all made in Düsseldorf!

Did you know that one of the greatest guitar classes in the world is here in Düsseldorf?
Musicians from all over the world, including those from the Latin countries so typically associated with the guitar, travel to our city on the Rhine to study guitar.
Joaquin Clerch is the reason why so many students are drawn to Düsseldorf. Cuban Joaquín Clerch, described as by the press as ‘undoubtedly one of the best guitarists of his generation and a truly great figure in today’s guitar world’ has created a festival with his colleague Alexander-Sergei Ramírez.

The Robert Schumann Music School's Viva la Guitarre!', under the patronship of Mayor Thomas Geisel will be a celebration of classical guitar, new music, variations of the guitar and masterclasses with some of the most accomplished names in classical guitar.  

Guitar Virtuoso Eliot Fisk
will be playing on November 7 at the Robert Schumann Hall along with
Joaquin Clerch and Alexander-Sergei Ramirez 

As tasters for what is to come, we will be treated to a short performance by Arturo Castro, student of Joaquín Clerch, having come from Puerto Rico to study with him. Not only will Arturo play for us, but he will also tell us a little about why he is here, and what the guitar means to him.

Joaquín too will play inviting you all to join us at the festival. Many of the concerts in the Robert Schumann Music School are free, even the magnificent concerts in the Robert Schumann Hall at Museum Kunst Palast are only €15.

‘The Wild Life‘ Stripped Down

On the other hand, Düsseldorf has always been a rock city. Despite the huge influence of Kraftwerk and the pioneering electronic music scene, The Toten Hosen, Germany‘s biggest rock band are from Düsseldorf and on any weekend Bolker Strasse in the Altstadt can be found to be pulsating hard guitars out of so many of the clubs.

One of Düsseldorf‘s freshest rock bands, German- Canadian Aberrations will be releasing their first album, yes a real vinyl pressing, in November and will be opening the event. Ian and Chris will preview some of the album and talking about select recording techniques used, specifically looking at the electric guitar and the modulation of sounds in the recording studio.

'The Wild Life' Stripped Down will let you see behind the scenes of this brand new recording.

The Guitar 
Sunday October 25

Bar Zogel 
Schirmerstr 1 40211 Düsseldorf

This series of RhineBuzz events, is supported by Düsseldorf‘s Office of Economic Development and will take you, the international community, to numerous locations throughout the city to get to know your new home and meet the people that form this city - Düsseldorf is such a great place to live & work, we would like you to make the most of being here!