SHiFT Relays

RhineBuzz is delighted to be co-producing SHiFT, Social and Human ideas For Technology, which has now come to Düsseldorf.
Founded by Pedro Custódio in Lisbon in 2006,  SHiFT is a creative and vibrant exchange of ideas and realities for the future.

On October 11 2013 the SHiFT team from Lisbon and Düsseldorf will be hosting SHiFT Relays, a taster of the first SHiFT Conference in Düsseldorf, scheduled for next year.

SHiFT Relays, this coming Friday, will be bringing you hands-on insights to the reality of 'printing' whatever you need at home - from a flower vase to a spare part for your car; understand the future of 'connected healthcare' and find out how the phenomenon of the bicycle affects what you desire and ultimately buy. See what drones see; learn to play guitar from the very best educators in the world from the comfort of your own home; or discover how, as a startup, you can 'make people fall in love with you ...' 

All this, plus cool folks to exchange the very latest sparks for the future with at GREY düsseldorf 

Places are very limited, please register here