Opening Party Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2014 with Rusty Egan at the NRW Forum

Hey RhineBuzzers! You are all invited to the opening party of the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2014 at the NRW Forum with London nightlife guru, the legendary Rusty Egan
His musical cv reads like the encyclopedia of punk rock and later the New Romantic scene of elecronica - simply packed with iconic names from the London music world - having worked with the likes of Glen Matlock, Depeche Mode, Spandau Ballet, Soft Cell, Midge Ure, Visage, The Skids, Steve Strange and Spear of Destiny.

Rusty Egan
©Iain McKell

Record store owner, dj, promoter, one of the key people instrumental in introducing musicians from abroad such as Kraftwerk, Eno and the Yellow Magic Orchestra to the London nightclub scene ... Egan opened the Camden Palace and has been hugely influential at other venues such as the Blitz Club

In 2009 he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the London Club & Bar Awards

Düsseldorf's Henry Storch of Unique Records will kindly be opening the evening.

Be there!

Opening Party Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 
with Rusty Egan and Henry Storch
Friday January 31
from 10pm

NRW Forum
Ehrenhof 2
40479 Düsseldorf

Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2014

Following the great success of the first two Duesseldorf Photo Weekends 2012 and 2013, this event will now take place again for the third time from January 31 to February 2 2014. Numerous galleries, museums and institutions from the Duesseldorf art and photography scene will open their doors for an entire weekend to show exhibitions and hold events on the theme of photography.

The launch of the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2014 will be the opening on Thursday January 31 2014 in the NRW Forum with the exhibition under the theme “Heimat” (The Fatherland) from the DZ Bank Frankfurt, which will be showing extracts from its collection. The DZ Bank owns one of the most important collections of photography in Germany. A small catalogue will accompany the exhibition.

In the north wing of the NRW Forum the exhibition of the U.S. master photographer Duane Michals (born 1932) will be opened at the same time. Michals became especially renowned for his sequence photography, which he completes with handwritten texts. The exhibition shows photographs from the late 50s and finishes with his newest works, the so called Tintypes. These are old photographic plates which Michals has painted over. Parallel to the exhibition a new film will be shown about Michals: “The Man Who Invented Himself”, directed by Camille Guichard.

Duane Michals, 
The Illuminated Man, 1968 © Duane Michals 
Courtesy Galerie Clara Maria Sels / Admira Milan

We are delighted that Duane Michals will in Düsseldorf for the opening of the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend with many thanks to Air Berlin.

More than 24 galleries and institutions with photography exhibitions have contacted Clara Sels, the organiser of the event. The Polish Institute are dedicating a retrospective on the classical Polish photographer Jerzy Lewczynski under the title of “The Memory of the Picture”. In a solo exhibition, the collection Philara Werke will show the work of the artist Natalie Czech. The Malkasten Duesseldorf will present, under the title “ANTIFOTO”, the work of the British partnership MacDonaldStrand.

The exhibition programme will be complemented by a series of events.

The opening will be at he NRW Forum on January 30 at 19:00. This is a public opening, you do not need an invitation to attend.

On Friday January 31 at 22:00 these will kick off with a party with the legendary British DJ Rusty Egan at the NRW Forum. You are all invited! Come along and party with us!

On Saturday February 1 the Portfolio Review will take place from 12:00-20:00 in the NRW Forum where national and international photography magazines may be viewed in the Magazine Salon.

The programme for the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2014 is available here.
The Photo Weekend has, just as last year, invited European curators to come and gain an overall impression of the current photography scene in the Duesseldorf galleries and institutions taking part. Amongst those that will visiting Düsseldorf will be curators from some of the world's most prestigious arts institutions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum London, the Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, the MACBA, Barcelona and the Photography Museum, Antwerp.

Tours will be offered around the various parts of town where the galleries are concentrated. Details coming up on the website this week. These will be in German, but your guide is likely to speak some English, as will most gallery owners and assistants. Book a tour, they are very popular and a great way of finding all the different locations with ease. I will be giving a tour in English, but cannot do so over the actual Photo Weekend; as yet I have to set a date. Most galleries will be showing their exhibitions after the weekend.

Duesseldorf will show, once again, that this city is a metropolis for modern photography. The international press last year were most impressed by the diversity of the shows and sheer number of galleries taking part and at how very much our city has to offer.
Once again, it's going to be a great show!

Construct NYC 12
© Barbara Kasten
Galerie Kadel Willborn 

Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2014
January 31 - February 2 
Opening at the NRW Forum January 31 19:00
Opening Party with Rusty Egan at the NRW Forum January 31 at 22:00
Ehrenhof 2
40479 Düsseldorf

RhineBuzz Tours at the Tonhalle "The Suspicious Saxophone - Degenerate Music During the Nazi Regime"

An exhibition by Albrecht Dümling

75 years ago Düsseldorf hosted the ‘Reichsmusiktage’ - an event orchestred by the National Socialists to promote what they considered to be the thriving musical culture in Germany under the Nazi regime.
Part of this ‘festival’ included the exhibition by Hans Severus Ziegler, ‘Entartete Musik’ - Degenerate Music, an exhibition which set out to discredit the creators of music that the National Socialists considered ‘Un-German’ and so a threat to their moral standards and ideals.

From January 7 - 23 the Tonhalle will be showing the exhibition ‘Das Verdächtige Saxophon - Entartete Musik im NS-Staat’ - The Suspicious Saxophone - Degenerate Music During the Nazi Regime. An exhibition, created by Albrecht Dümling in 1988, and expanded in 2007, that takes a critical look at this little known passage in musical and political history. The roots behind these ideals are detailed, as is which music was banned - and the 'reasoning' behind which genres of music, and which people were selected. This included everyone, not those who wrote or made music but also lyricists, critics, conductors, concert managers. Everyone who wasn't considered to be of the Arian race.

Several of the musicians that were forced to flee Europe and take up work abroad are portrayed, and the global influence of this persecution that seeped into so much music, not just classical, but also popular and jazz, is shown. The world of film scores for instance, changed greatly when a persecuted Hungarian/Austrian composer was obliged to make a living in any way he could, and so when Korngold fled to the USA, he found his way to Hollywood and became an award-winning composer. Today he is considered one of the founders of film music.
There will be 7 public tours in German, one in English and one in French. I am supervising a young team of most knowledgeable and enthusiastic musicology students from the Robert Schumann Music Conservatory and the Heinrich Heine University, Christina Klein, Elisabeth Wahle and Roland Ring, who will talk you through this exhibition.

Certainly not your regular RhineBuzz event, but as always, a cultural tour that will be accessible and easily understandable. For me, a great challenge to offer you, both our regular and new RhineBuzz audience, new insights into subjects we often know so little about.

So do join us for a most important and thought-provoking opportunity to take in this exhibition, where you can discover so much about a most disturbing period in history. 

This is an exhibition which has toured to over 60 countries. Deutsche Welle reported on this exhibition a while ago.

You can only access the exhibition if you take part in a tour, or are visiting a concert.

Cost of the tour is €5 per person. Each tour lasts 45 minutes with time for questions afterwards.
Places are limited. 
Reservations for the English or French tours: 
Please send reservations for the English tour by January 11 and for the French tour by January 17.
Reservations for all German tours:

Tour dates at the 
Ehrenhof 1
40479 Düsseldorf

English tour: January 12 at 16:15
French tour: January 18 at 16:15

German tours:
January 8 at 18:00
January 9 at 18:00 
January 12 at 15:00
January 15 at 18:00
January 17 at 15:00
January 18 at 15:00
January 19 at 14:00