New Horizons with Untold Colors

RhineBuzz will be hosting two events every month for the international community in 2016.
One will be at Café Bar Zogel in Derendorf every third Sunday of the month from 17 - 20.00. Here, Caroline & Linda will be on hand to answer questions about the city and introduce you to other international folks if you are new in town.

Each meeting will be a casual get together to help you make the most of your time in Düsseldorf. We will invite guests from the arts, sports and services especially for expats and so the Duesseldorf Welcome Day will not just happen once a year, but all year round you will be able to connect with RhineBuzz who work closely with the city's Department of Economic Development who in turn, wish to make your working life in Düsseldorf as comfortable as possible.

Our first meeting is entitled: 'Reconsidering Your Working Life in Germany' and will be hosted by Jan-Christoph Daniel, intercultural coach and founder of Untold Colors.

Many international people came to Düsseldorf with a contract. Life was good, as one person told us 'living in Düsseldorf is like being at university, but with money!'

But times move on. 
Projects close, companies restructure.
We know many of you wish to remain here, Düsseldorf is prosperous and lively; but finding work can be so difficult.
Many don't even make it to be invited to an interview, let alone be offered a contract, despite good qualifications.

At the same time the Office of Employment tells us, in Düsseldorf alone, there are on average, 300 vacant positions in IT alone, every day.

So how do we bridge this disconnect?
We need new horizons ....

On this first date, Jan Daniel will be looking to help work on some solutions to this dilemma of finding work in Düsseldorf - in a short 10 minute talk Jan will provide impulses and ideas for adapting to an ever-changing job market.

Then it will be over to you, please feel free to ask questions to both Jan and other members of the international community. Tell us your stories of how you did find work in Düsseldorf.
Let's begin a dynamic exchange that actually helps the international people in Düsseldorf in a very hands-on way.

 'The Future is Coming Faster Than You Think - Reconsidering Your Working Life in Germany' with 
Jan-Christoph Daniel 

Sunday January 16 at 17:00
Café Bar Zogel
Schirmerstr 2

Rhinebuzz is supported by the Department of Economic Development