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DIE GROSSE at Museum Kunstpalast February 2013
Had a great experience at the Kunst Palast this afternoon. What a difference it makes having a great guide who brings the world of the local artist to life? Thanks a lot .. and to meet the wonderful Artist's artist of the year 90 year old, Peter Royen, was a moving moment. Thanks RhineBuzz.

RhineBuzz at Monkey's East November 2012

The German language has a fantastic word in it: einzigartig. Caroline, you always have 
'einzigartig' events. Thank you for another enjoyable evening.

Trailing Spouses Workshop with ISR January 2012
"[This is] the most comfortable [I've felt] since coming to Germany."

On events:
Caroline, every time I go out with RhineBuzz I discover something new! The Rafael Aguirre concert was just amazing! Thanks so much for letting us know about it :)

RHINEBUZZ IS BRILLIANT best events in Düsseldorf accompanied by the most interesting people. Best way to find the good stuff in Düsseldorf. Last two days have been incredible. Thanks Caroline. 

Dear Caroline, millions of thanks to you and Rhinebuzz, because of you, our life in Dusseldorf is complete! I really hope after we move back to Taiwan, we can find someone like you and another Rhinebuzz in Taipei!

UK journalist visiting Düsseldorf for the Eurovision Song Contest
'Every city should have a Caroline at RhineBuzz'

"It was really inspiring to meet you and learn a bit about your work. I reckon you're really onto something with your new approach to local tourism. As we discussed,
 Germany (and Ddorf) has so much to offer, but it really needs presenting in a modern way, the way you do it." 

 Susan Borofsky: Caroline you have this energy around you in such a gentle, kind way; I'm pleased to now be part of this community and to see where it takes us ...

Press Officer, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Tanja Brill: " I hear and see a lot, but John's voice and heartfelt presence touched me in a way that is rare"
Rheinische Post piece January 2011
Dedo von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk, director Hentrich Glass Museum at mkp:
I guess you are an institution now... Nice that the glass museum is mentioned!
Congratulations, & all best!
Student from ISR International Jury Children’s Film Festival
.... and Ms West I thought you did a great, great job and I enjoyed the time with you what brings me to the point where I have to say that the worst part was to say goodbye :(
Glass museum Tour October 2010
Thanx, Caroline, for your wealth of enthusiasm and heartfelt desire to share the best of Düsseldorf with international guests from near and far! RhineBuzz flows!
Glass Museum ©Bernd Ahrens
Regarding rheinbuzz, I can only and truly thank you for helping us leverage the culture scene in Düsseldorf, it's probably one of the biggest lacks in Germany and in the city itself that it's so english unfriendly in terms of culture. We've seen the good and the bad side of this "german" only facet, but as german is improving so is the void eroding. I can honestly say to you that rheinbuzz has helped us fed the soul from time to time and ease that gap, and for that and for your energy we're, i'm deeply in debt with you :)
RhineBuzz does a brilliant job with every event I have attended. Caroline goes above and beyond with all that she does for the expat community.
La Bohème 16.10.10
We had an absolutely fantastic time last night. 
We had:
Top seats
Sat next to two of our closest friends - lovely surprise
Brilliant performance
Lovely people
Catwalks August 2009
Great event! Thanks to Caroline from Rhinebuzz. Though I am not a fashion-geek this exhibition is really an amazing experience. 
RhineBuzz Salsa Nights March 2009
Can only say I have made it to every one so far since it started and still enjoying it, and met some nice people, too :-) I can thoroughly recommend it; and to anyone nervous about coming for the first time after the first introductory sessions, the fact that the first 45 minutes is for total beginners means it's perfect for anyone who wants to try it the first time!
Albert Watson September 2008
Fantastic idea to organize cultural meet-up. Excellent and awe-inspiring photo-exhibit, but Caroline"s guided tour took the experience to a whole new level of impressive. Loved it! 
'wir wollten uns nochmal für die tolle führung am freitag bedanken. es hat sehr viel spaß gemacht. die bilder von albert watson sind einfach unglaublich toll. aber ohne ihre führung wären sie nur halb so toll gewesen. machen sie so weiter. sie sind eine bereicherung für düsseldorf und diese ausstellung.'
The events with RhineBuzz are so diverse, have you hopping all over the city .... 
RhineBuzz is truly international and the institutions where the events are hosted are so thrilled with the traffic RB is bringing through their doors.
Ballet b.03 December 2009
Another well organised enjoyable RhineBuzz event. Thanks Caroline.
The ballet was not the top of my things to do but the consistently high standard of events made me attend with anticipation and almost salivating excitement.. Once again an eclectic mix of people who all seem friendly and open, and superb choreography by Caroline and the dancers on stage.
Somehow the expats Thursday drinking club in Koln does not seem as exciting as it used to be. Standing in a circle with one had in my pocket and a pint of lager in the other discussing the differences between Heinz baked beans in Germany and good old Albion is fine but its nice to to have a variety of cultural choices.
Its beans and caviar on toast from now on.
Soul & Funk Party November 2009
ich freue mich sehr auf euch , caroline du bist die größte für mich :-) fleißige biene
Fantastic party as always, the Soul and Funk party. Thanks Caroline and the rest for all the fantastic work!
... I'm beginning to like it here!
Stammtisch September 2009
It was really nice meeting everyone yesterday .. I really had a great time .. thanks for organizing it Caroline :)
... it's amazing how one person can completely change the course of your life. I'm no longer dreading being in Duesseldorf because of the fear that I'll be lonely or bored, I'm looking forward to getting back and getting stuck in to everything and also coming to more Rhinebuzz events
Ballet b.03 February 2010
Thx Caroline for organizing a yet again great event!
I really enjoyed the ballet yesterday and don't think I would of discovered it and kept on going if it wasn't for RhineBuzz!! Thx again and keep it up!
Rhinebuzz has made my day!
After Work Arts September 2010
I have said it before, I say it again: I love this city! Back from another great art event! Caroline West: I owe you! Even if Rhinebuzz didn't host this one, it is through Rhinebuzz I became aware of the program at Museum Kunstpalast. So THANK YOU!!!
ErstKlassik! Schumann Quartet January 2010
Back from yet another RhineBuzz event, we are so spoiled here in Düsseldorf having an organisation like RhineBuzz keeping track of what’s happening in town. Concert today was FAB! :)
Yes, absolutely. Totally, I completely 100% agree. Because without RhineBuzz we would not have anything going on anymore and would get totally bored.
Yeah, this was good fun - especially the narrative about how even the same musical score might have sounded different back in the day, on account of how instruments were held (and, therefore, played).
Mapplethorpe Tour October 2010
Personally, I hold Mapplethorpe in contempt, but I found Caroline's tour to be excellent! 
Rigoletto May 2010
Thx for organizing Caroline, was a new experience for me and I quite enjoyed it. :)
Rhine Ballet July 2010
Thanks to Rhinebuzz I also had the chance to view the ballet. We had really good places very close to the stage. Without Rhinebuzz I think I hadn't visited such event. Anybody should come and see if he likes this show.
Julian Schnabel Tour May 2010
Once again thank you Caroline! 
Fit 2 Dance May 2010
we do not know each other but I just wanted to tell
I think you have a great initiative here :o) I will for sure join next time, in May I am in holiday...
After Work Arts June 2010
Can't make that date - devastated! Have so enjoyed these sessions....
Hola Caroline! :-) Also from me many thanks for organizing these amazing events! We had lots of fun attending the last After Work Arts...I didn't know I can be such a great creative artist! ;-) I'm joking of course - this was just to express that I'm super happy I finally managed to join this event and planning to join more in the future whenever I can. Besos
After Work Arts July 2010
Once again, many thanks for organinzing the outing and bringing something so special and fun to my attention. I've lived in D'dorf for almost 13 years and never once went into the mkp (on the left side of the fountain), I always turned right :-).
This will most definitely not have been the last time I dabble in art ;-) and get to spend time with really nice people!
Thanks so much Caroline/RhineBuzz!
After Work Arts March 2010
I had such a wonderful time - I can't remember the last time I was in such a zen zone just doing art! The instructor was fabulous - she created such a nice positive open atmosphere and sort of led us in playing with stuff. AND we had really groovy background music! Everyone should come - it beats most TV shows, and it beats *yet another* evening standing around at cocktails with people, asking where they're from and how long they've been here. This gives you something more interesting to hold than a cocktail glass, and a much better return on your investment. For boys and girls.
Opera September 2009
I went to see The Magic Flute at the Opera House on Sunday and it was incredible. The costumes, the music, the voices- amazing experience, I would advise all to go! The next performance is this Sunday- contact Caroline for tickets!
Last Friday I visited the Mapplethorpe exhibit at the NRW Forum because Caroline West from RhineBuzz was to be the tour guide. Once again, as always with events she organizes (I come from Cologne to attend them), I was marvellously entertained, inspired, and came out feeling I had caught a glimpse of the inside of the world of art and society that the average person just reads about. I felt very much that I understood on a personal level what it was all about, and that had Caroline lived anywhere near where 'it was all going on', she might have been a part of the action. I feel it is because Caroline quite easily understands what 'it was all about'.
At an art exhibition one sees the results of and hints of the enclave or international community that produced it. A world not (or even no longer!) accessible to the rest of us. Invariably I have found that art curators and critics are disillusioned outsiders wishing they were in but with neither the talent nor the charisma to open the door. Their 'presentations' or tours are boring, dry, at best 'well researched' (the presentation gives one the feeling of participating in their library research project on microfiche), sometimes honestly but wistfully admiring of the artists and their world, but the feeling is of being very, very far away from the center of creation. Often the presentations can even take away feelings of inspiration or life the art in itself may gave given. One comes away having filed a few facts to one's repertoire which one hopes to be able to pull out at the next occasion where it is necessary to impress.
Caroline, by virtue of her own background, which includes designing Jewelry for Harrod's, and her own vibrant personality which makes it possible for her to firstly understand and then relate her knowledge of the world inside art and fashion, gives one the feeling of having joined an insider taking a look at her friend's work, which she has either seen in his studio, whose friends she knows or knows of, or maybe someone very close to the artists and environment she describes.
It makes looking at exhibitions with her truly enjoyable.
Have now heard so incredible much good stuff about this also from others that I will make effort to also get my legs into my neck with my toes crossed. no cameras please ;-)
   Hi, I'm new in Düsseldorf. I am not able to speak German Language yet. I hope i will improve it in some time.
I am very interested in literature, arts, movies and especially with photography and that is why rhinebuzz blog website is very useful for me. Thank you for creating it.
Warm regards and special thanks to Caroline West of RhineBuzz! Our members have definitely enjoyed and benefited from the events she promotes and organizes, I would like to wish Caroline & everyone with RhineBuzz continued success and all the best for the future!
New families in town
The kids are very happy in this new school, they have so many new things there. Computer lessons, more sport, different activities and more.... that make them so much fun.
I am so happy, that the kids are in a better school as before. You helped them too, first time, You have calling in this school and gave me the information's.
Thanks so much for this tip.  I will advise him to take a look at the site and see if the timing works with school.. we got a great tip off your web site last weekend.
.... the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was my favourite movie when i was a kid. So excited to see that again with my daughter. Thanks for screening the same.