Update Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2015

Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2015
NeoRealismo - The New Image of Italy 1932 - 1960
at the NRW-Forum

January 30 - April 19 2015

 Mario De Biasi, Gli italiani si voltano,
Milano 1954, ©Archivo De Biasi

Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2015
'Human Nature' Art Collection Deutsche Börse
at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

January 30 - April 19 2015

Spring Time, Washingon
© Evelyn Hofer

Free RhineBuzz tours in English every second and fourth Friday of the month at 8pm
You simply pay €6 to enter the exhibitions

Friday January 30
Friday February 13
Friday February 27
Friday March 13
Friday March 27
Friday April 10

There is a brochure available on the exhibition "Human Nature' Art Collection Deutsche Börse.

A newspaper has been published with information about all the exhibitions and many of the events over the weekend and beyond, and interviews with some of our guests.

It can be found at all participating locations and in many cafés and bookstores in town, or you can download it here.

Many of the exhibitions at the galleries and certainly in the museums will continue well after the Photo Weekend itself. Please check the website for details at each venue.

The Haus der Universität in the centre of Düsseldorf is also hosting exhibitions, talks and screenings including the much publicised and Oscar nominated "Finding Vivian Maier"

Personally, I am especially looking forward to the talk by Martin Barnes, Senior Curator of Photography at the Victorian and Albert Museum, London at 2:30pm on Sunday February 1. Martin will be speaking about his work with one of the oldest and most significant photographic collections in the world. For the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend, it is a real privilege that Martin will be speaking for us.

Haus der Universität, Shadowplatz 14, Düsseldorf

After Martin's presentation, at 4pm I will be pleased to introduce Gen Sadakane Co-founder & Creative Director of award-winning EyeEm, will share his thoughts on a new generation photography, creating a photo app that has attracted a community of more than twelve million photographers worldwide and what it takes to turn a wish - "we want to have a photo exhibit in New York" - into reality.
Forbes cited EyeEm as one of the "Hottest Global Startups in 2013"
Opening Friday January 30, EyeEm will also be showing their exhibition: Shoot.Share.Discover at the Haus der Universität

@erinhoffstetter at EyeEm's Shoot.Share.Discover
The filmwerkstatt düsseldorf will show screenings of two films by Robert Frank. It was Robert Frank who inspired Joel Meyerowitz to quit his job and become a photographer.

Further details of the programme, tours and events here.
We also greatly look forward to welcoming the international curators who will be touring 

North Rhine-Westphalia because of the Photo Weekend. 
We asked what the significance the city of Düsseldorf and photography had for them and received some charming answers including this from 
Paul Roth, Director, Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto:

''The city has an important association for me with photography.  

I was quite moved by the visit to Dusseldorf in Wim Wenders' ALICE IN THE CITIES.  Rudiger Vogler’s character accompanies the little girl Alice on a search there for her grandmother.  Using nothing more than a photograph, they seek the house in Alice’s memory.  The film is one of my labourites, and for me one of the most significant evocations of photography in the history of motion pictures.  The city has had a kind of mythic importance in my mind ever since then."

The power of the photograph can be so many different things to each and every one of us - come and discover what the photograph means to you over the next few days in Düsseldorf!

There will be so very many, many images to discover, ponder, take home with you in your mind and who knows maybe hang on your wall one day ...

Have fun at the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend!