Green Porno by Isabella Rossellini

Thursday's press conference at NRW-Forum with Isabella Rossellini

“I was always fascinated by the infinite,
strange and ‘scandalous’ ways
that insects copulate.”

Isabella Rossellini

Green Porno is wacky, childlike, scientifically accurate, pure eye candy, very funny.
For three days only Green Porno, the short movies by Isabella Rossellini will be shown at the NRW-Forum.
These short movies, conceived, acted and directed by Isabella Rosselini, will be shown upstairs in the gallery. Commissioned by the Sundance Channel with the cellular screen in mind these movies will bring a smile to your face as you learn how insects and aquatic creatures copulate and reproduce.
RhineBuzz will be there extra early, from 7pm, at our regular Friday Nights at the NRW-Forum, on 9th for a special evening combining Green Porno, Catwalks with the free introductions at 9 and 9.30pm and Stammtisch until midnight.
Here you will also have the chance to purchase the accompanying book including a DVD.
October 9th - 11th only. Don't miss it!

Isabella Rossellini presenting her book today.
She has just the kindest manner you could ever come across.
A smart, funny, beautiful and completely mesmerizing woman.

The first crowd that were at the NRW-Forum at 7. About 60 of you from the RhineBuzz community came in and out of the bar on Friday. Thank you for being there and making it a great evening!