Kunstpunkte August 21/22 & 28/29

Lea Lenhart Kunstpunkt 142
Düsseldorf artists open their studios
Have you seen the the blue 'star' posters all around town and wondered what they are for?
Kunstpunkte happens on two weekends in August 21/22 and 28/29. Over 300 artists studios are open to the public, Saturdays from 2 - 8pm and Sundays from 12 - 6pm. The listings of the artists participating can be found on the website www.kunstpunkte.de 
Click first on the weekend you would like to go under 'Wochenübersicht' and the list of artists & their addresses will appear.
As the studios are spread all over the city there is also a shuttle bus available. For €15 a bus takes you around selected studios for 3 hours, the tours are accompanied by an artist. Buses leave from The Rheinterrassen, Josef-Beuys-Ufer 33 at various times. Tickets available from Heinrich-Heine-Alle 24.
For the first time, this year's event will also be accompanied by a musical programme.
Leaflets with a map of all participating studios can be found all over the city in bars, cafes and restaurants so you that you can also just make your own way.

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We will be bringing you are own accompanied tours of selected studios soon but in the meantime do take a look at some of studios open over the Kunstpunkte weekends and discover a Dusseldorf you had a no idea existed.

Ruhr. 2010 Essen European Capital of Culture

The Ruhr Metropolis is just a short train ride away from Düsseldorf. 2010 sees the city of Essen celebrate the title as the European Capital of Culture, but the entire region is involved as the converging cities and nearly 6 million people enjoy a rich and varied program of arts and culture throughout the year.

Not only museums and galleries are taking part. The locals are opening up their homes and creating art projects, hundreds of local businesses are involved, the water, ever vital in the Ruhr Valley, also plays an important part. There are towers to climb and concerts to hear. Even a motorway to go and party on!
It can be a bewildering program, but there is an excellent 'events of the day' download which can help you decide what to do when. Almost all locations are well served by good public transport links.


On July 18th the Ruhr motorway, the A40, all 60 km of one of Europe's busiest highways; the main vein that normally links the cities of the metropolis was closed to traffic for the day and 20,000 tables were set up to host an ambitious day of festivities of the numerous arts and cultures of this area. It became the longest still-life the world has perhaps seen.

The Baldeneysee in Essen is a calm oasis in the middle of what was once the industrial heart of Europe. A beautiful lake where you can canoe, sail and enjoy the water in the middle of the city.
Four atolls have been created as part of Ruhr. 2010 which you can visit by paddle boat. You may climb on three of the four atolls and paddle around all four. The three you can visit are especially intriguing once you actually get onto them and climb around.
All based on the theme of 'Art is Energy' artists and scientists were invited to see what they could come up with. The results make a very pleasant day out. Go and paddle!

Paddle boat hire and visit to the atolls €7 per person. max 4 in a boat per 45 minutes. Be prepared for a wait, or reserve ahead 01805 15 2010. There is also an exhibition hall nearby where you can see more about the project.

12.05. – 30.09.2010, daily 10:00 – 19:00
Baldeneysee Essen, Hardenbergufer, 45127 Essen
Ruhr-Atoll-Halle: €3 - 4 boat rental: €6 – 18