CodeGirl the documentary on Technovation

CodeGirl the documentary created by 
Leslie Chilcott

Lesley Chilcott (producer of Waiting for Superman, An Inconvenient Truth and the viral codestars video that got more than 20 million views in a few days) has made a documentary, CodeGirl on Technovation

It will be launched on YouTube on November 1 2015 and will be available for free until November 5.

Following this free premium window on Youtube, the documentary will be available in select theatres in the U.S. and also on DVD.

I can arrange private viewing parties in Germany and GB, please contact

I will also be presenting Technovation to schools in Germany and GB in November, please get in touch if you too would like to arrange a meeting.

We need lots girls to register for the programme - it‘s free and is so very enriching!