RhineBuzz Workshops, Museum Kunst Palast

Building tiny ‘Yves Klein‘ models
to soak with pigment

Our RhineBuzz arts workshops at Museum Kunst Palast are one of our happiest, most looked-forward to events.

We now have set dates in the Museum Kunst Palast calendar for 2016, so I have put together a very small round up of images of past events. 
Each event is completely different as regards to which medium we work in, but each one is the same in that we benefit hugely from being able to see a small highlight of the current exhibition at the museum and then after considering the techniques used, we head for the well-equipped studio to give these techniques a go ourselves.
These sessions are not about how ‘good‘ your creative talent is, but about understanding how the arts process works by actually creating yourself. Most are quite astounded at what they can achieve, but it really is the process that is the focus here and not the result.

Prints in all colours, in many techniques,
following the Picasso graphics exhibition

The sessions are not only fun, but they take many to a place they have not visited in their adult, working life: 
'A complete Zen zone'
'I didn‘t think of anything else but colour and the brush and forms I was creating for two hours. No phone, no chat, no meetings ... it was so relaxing. Awesome!‘
'I haven‘t done anything like this since I was in high school. It was very liberating. I LOVED it!‘

Next date is 
Sunday November 22 from 15-17:00
Cost €29 inc entry to the current exhibition
 Zurbarán, Master of Detail
and all materials in the studio

Please email arts@rhinebuzz.com for payment details
Full payment must be made by November 15 to reserve 
one of the limited spaces
Museum Kunstpalast 
Ehrenhof 4-5
40479 Düsseldorf

Making videos, having seen the
Nam June Paik exhibition

Paik is known the ‘Godfather of MTV‘

Colour study following a glimpse at Katarina Grosse‘s
sumptuous colour installation, here we are making shapes
to then immerse and surround with colour 

Katarina Grosse
Inside the Speaker

The Guitar

The one musical instrument we all ‘know’ whether we are musical, or not.

Nearly every one of us has a guitar chord in our hearts, be it classical, rock or r&b, in our lives, that whenever it is played, brings emotions flooding back, no matter how long ago it was that that particular sound was heard last.

The guitar is so diverse, so simple, yet can be so very diverse. So very many things.

Join us for a RhineBuzz event on Sunday October 25 at Bar Zogel that will encompass so much of what the guitar is from some of the most exquisite classical guitar on the planet to the very newest rock sounds - all made in Düsseldorf!

Did you know that one of the greatest guitar classes in the world is here in Düsseldorf?
Musicians from all over the world, including those from the Latin countries so typically associated with the guitar, travel to our city on the Rhine to study guitar.
Joaquin Clerch is the reason why so many students are drawn to Düsseldorf. Cuban Joaquín Clerch, described as by the press as ‘undoubtedly one of the best guitarists of his generation and a truly great figure in today’s guitar world’ has created a festival with his colleague Alexander-Sergei Ramírez.

The Robert Schumann Music School's Viva la Guitarre!', under the patronship of Mayor Thomas Geisel will be a celebration of classical guitar, new music, variations of the guitar and masterclasses with some of the most accomplished names in classical guitar.  

Guitar Virtuoso Eliot Fisk
will be playing on November 7 at the Robert Schumann Hall along with
Joaquin Clerch and Alexander-Sergei Ramirez 

As tasters for what is to come, we will be treated to a short performance by Arturo Castro, student of Joaquín Clerch, having come from Puerto Rico to study with him. Not only will Arturo play for us, but he will also tell us a little about why he is here, and what the guitar means to him.

Joaquín too will play inviting you all to join us at the festival. Many of the concerts in the Robert Schumann Music School are free, even the magnificent concerts in the Robert Schumann Hall at Museum Kunst Palast are only €15.

‘The Wild Life‘ Stripped Down

On the other hand, Düsseldorf has always been a rock city. Despite the huge influence of Kraftwerk and the pioneering electronic music scene, The Toten Hosen, Germany‘s biggest rock band are from Düsseldorf and on any weekend Bolker Strasse in the Altstadt can be found to be pulsating hard guitars out of so many of the clubs.

One of Düsseldorf‘s freshest rock bands, German- Canadian Aberrations will be releasing their first album, yes a real vinyl pressing, in November and will be opening the event. Ian and Chris will preview some of the album and talking about select recording techniques used, specifically looking at the electric guitar and the modulation of sounds in the recording studio.

'The Wild Life' Stripped Down will let you see behind the scenes of this brand new recording.

The Guitar 
Sunday October 25

Bar Zogel 
Schirmerstr 1 40211 Düsseldorf

This series of RhineBuzz events, is supported by Düsseldorf‘s Office of Economic Development and will take you, the international community, to numerous locations throughout the city to get to know your new home and meet the people that form this city - Düsseldorf is such a great place to live & work, we would like you to make the most of being here!