Free English Tour of Michel Comte Retrospective at the NRW-Forum

Michel Comte at the NRW-Forum 
1 February - 10 May 2009

Filming with Teruko, Terumi and Maki

Following the success of RhineBuzz at the Albert Watson Best Of exhibition we are thrilled to have been asked to be part of the new show at NRW-Forum, Michel Comte Retrospective, the much sought after press and fashion photographer. We were at the the press conference yesterday and I was simply stunned at several of the photographs. The images are arresting, some stop you in your tracks.
From meticulously staged intimate,"paparazzi" type pictures from the celebrity world to the harsh images of war this exhibition is defintiely not to be missed.
The show begins on Sunday 1st February and from February 6th we will be giving a free tour in English every Friday at 9pm.

We also host a Stammtisch from 9pm until midnight, where all English speakers both old and new to the area are very welcome. You can join the Stammtisch even if you do not wish to visit the exhibition. Don't be shy - come along and find out what's happening in and around Düsseldorf.

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