b.08 Ballett am Rhein

Unleashing the Wolf ©Gert Weigelt

This evening, Friday April 21,  RhineBuzz are going to the ballet to enjoy the next piece in Martin Schläpfer's series for the Ballett am Rhein, b.08. I was at the premiere as an Opera Scout recently, my impressions of the evening are here -

I loved the evening of b.08 immensely even though not all pieces were not all to my taste.
No doubt about it, I'm a huge Schläpfer fan; he takes risks, his dancers are beyond this world in terms of strength, dedication and grace. I am simply in awe of them and the atmosphere Schläpfer creates on stage time and time again.
Having said that, the first piece of the evening "Streichquartett" I did not really like!
The music for me was a little uncomfortable. 
There were tones in the composition by Lutostawski that I found simply painful and this sadly distracted me from the wonderful, almost flying moves, of the dancers.
The next two pieces from Hans van Manen were wonderful. "Solo" especially had the audience gasping in their seats. The dynamic of the dancers was extraordinary, complex and yet minimalist. The speed at which they danced must be seen to be believed. Astounding and perfect in every way.
Next: "Unleashing the Wolf".
When the curtain went up, for a tiny moment there was, a slight all be it misplaced, applause. The set is so breathtaking, so unlike whatever you might expect ... even though these days I think we, the Schläpfer audience, can no longer anticipate what to even vaguely expect.
This piece by Schläpfer, with intermezzi by Regina van Berkel, who brought us the incredible “Frozen Echo”, was dramatic, a true feast for the eyes in terms of costume, lights and set and the music, and the sounds Paul Pavey made live on stage above the dancers, were just amazing. I sat and wondered how did they rehearse this? The beats, sounds and turns seemed to have no pattern at times. 
Often the stage was full of moving beings, I love this about Schläpfer’s work, not knowing where to look. What to expect. You have to work at it all the time and yet you can also let yourself go and disappear into the world he has created even if you have no idea what that actually is.

Unleashing the Wolf ©Gert Weigelt
But one thing was very strange. As wonderful as the piece was it was also incredibly long. If something is so good, you would want it to go on for ever, but not with this. I just wanted it to be finished, to be perfect. I’m puzzled as to why this was not the case and am keen to see how I find it again when I visit with the RhineBuzz group.
I sense I will enjoy "Unleashing the Wolf" more because I am prepared for the length of it. I am really looking forward to it in the oddest way. That says it all really.

B.08 runs until June 18 in Düsseldorf, please check here for dates

Grand Prix de l'Opéra

Possibly a world first, the German Opera on the Rhine presents Grand Prix de l'Opera on May 9 at 7.30pm as part of the city's programme for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

Vote for your favourite operatic piece here and maybe you will hear it on the evening of the semi-final of the ESC.

As one of our strongest partners we have secured a limited group of seats in the centre block of the stalls and upper tiers.
Please email us at opera@rhinebuzz.com if you would like to reserve, these tickets are going very fast!

Experimental Theatre at the Theatre Museum

There will be a performance of experimental theatre at the 
Theatre Museum on April 16 at 7.30pm. €5/3.50
Jägerhofstraße 1 
40479 Düsseldorf
Vier Performances 
(in deutscher und englischer Sprache) 
Kate Laycock , Lisa Jeschke und Lucy Beynon
Podium im Theatermuseum, Düsseldorf
A dark, empty room. The only light comes from a water-cooler bubbling gently away in the centre. Go closer, and the voices will begin...  
Climate Change Reminds me of God 
 - Directed by Kate Laycock (15 Minutes)
          English and German
john hurts [from idiot] 
 - Directed and performed by Lucy Beynon und Lisa Jeschke (35 Minutes)
Eine Frau schafft sich ab 
 - Regie und Performance: Kate Laycock (10 Minutes)
untitled (he's dead / he's dead / i've shot him in the head) 
 - Regie und Performance: Lucy Beynon und Lisa Jeschke (10 Minutes)
About the theatre makers: 
Kate Laycock lives in Düsseldorf. Combining sound installation, journalism and performance, her work focusses on issues of climate change and social justice. 
Lucy Beynon and Lisa Jeschke live in Berlin. They have been working together since 2007 and have been performing widely in Germany and the UK. 

The Eurovision Song Contest, RhineBuzz and the City

Press Conference Düsseldorf Arena March 15, 
members of the Greek delegation at the selection of the running order

The Eurovision Song Contest hits town in May 2011.
Some 30,000 visitors are expected in the city for the special events, atmosphere and of course the finals at the Esprit Arena, (which will be called the Düsseldorf Arena for the event), on May 10, 12 and 14.

I'm extremely pleased to have been asked to be involved with the team at Düsseldorf Marketing and Tourism for this engrossing festival. To say that this is enormous for the city is putting it mildly, the ESC is the biggest non-sporting event in the world and it will be here, right on our doorstep!
I'm hearing of city houses that are planning imaginative special events that will make this such a year to remember even if you haven't managed to purchase one of the hot tickets for the event itself. Once these are official you will certainly be hearing about them here.

Of the several projects that I am working on, one will take me to London next week for talks with the BBC as they will be broadcasting a two and half hour show on some of the highlights of the city of Düsseldorf as host to the ESC. I am putting together a programme, arranging interviews etc with all kinds of Düsseldorf characters. The work is pure joy and is leading me to meet some fascinating people and discover some extraordinary stories. On May 12 we will be touring the city in a vintage car owned by new RhineBuzzers Monika and Eckardt Günnewig who have kindly offered to drive us around in one of their beautiful oldtimers. The programme will then be broadcasted on May 13 and then the BBC will of course be live in the Arena on May 14.

In addition to this, I've also been asked to work with BBC Radio Berkshire who will also be in town as Reading in Berks, UK is the twin town of Düsseldorf. Here we will be working on more local stories that involve the partnership that has been in existence since just after the Second World War.
As I'm from Berkshire this is a very special programme for me - the local girl in Düsseldorf. We will be live-streaming from the public viewing spots around the city on May 14 and presenting the Andrew Peach Breakfast Show on May 13 live before the final.

I have also been asked to write new tours with exciting themes for the foreign journalists and delegation who will be some 5,000 in number! So I'm spending my days interviewing the who is who in the arts, music and culture world of our city. I've come up with some fabulous anecdotes that will last way beyond Eurovision and I am also looking forward to a quieter time when I will be able to share all this with you, the RhineBuzz community, after May is over. All this is bringing us new events and the most wonderful people to our already vibrant community.
Suffice it to say my days are always full, but right now ... as a dear friend recently pointed out - "you are living three people's lives right now Caroline!"
And of course we wouldn't be RhineBuzz if we didn't have our own little project bubbling away ....

An amazing view of the city from the roof of the Stadttor
 RhineBuzz will be bringing you the very "Best of Düsseldorf"
©Bernd Ahrens Photography

So if RhineBuzz has looked a bit quiet right now, this is why. We will continue with the very successful opera events and the wonderful partnership with museum kunst palast, plus one or two others but we really can't begin anything new right now. Ideas are plentiful and offers from people and places we do not yet work with come in regularly but there's only so much we can do. RhineBuzz Families will be happening; I've had emails about "when?" from eager parents, I know, I'm sorry, but we have had to put this off until later in the year. But it will be happening!
Same with the Salsa with John Vilardo. Please just bear with us.

Some of the team will take over some of the events when they can, just hang on please and look forward to a spring full of colourful fun when ESC comes to Düsseldorf!

The name RhineBuzz came out of this idea that we loved the city, but that too few knew about it. We needed to create a buzz about the city.
Can their be a greater opportunity than the Eurovision Song Contest to help fulfil this wish? RhineBuzz is delighted to be part of the wonderful events that are before us in the next few weeks. 
Come and party with us!