Per Kirkeby and Caspar Wolf at kunst palast

26.09.09 - 10.01.2010

museum kunst palast

Per Kirkeby, Beat Wismer and Kay Heymer

Caspar Wolf Landscape 1771 - 1774
all photographs ©Bernd Ahrens

The exhibitions Per Kirkeby and Caspar Wolf opened at the museum kunst palast on Friday evening with a concert by Mike Westbrook and Kate Westbrook.
The Per Kirkeby exhibition is a collaboration with Tate Moden London and I was fortunate to speak to the director of the Tate Modern, Vincente Todoli, at Thursday's press conference. I asked him why they has chosen the kunst palast to join forces with and he told me that they had been in talks with the kunst palast on several occasions, Dusseldorf is right he said and this museum with it's airey exhibition space is superb to show Kirkeby's monumental works. He was pleased that the show could now be extended for Dusseldorf. I glimpsed at the show in London recently where the exhibition space was slightly more modest than here and indeed here in Düsseldorf it takes on a very different feeling.

Beat Wismer and Per Kirkeby
Kirkeby studied as a geologist so the idea to show his work alongside the Swiss pre-romantic painter Caspar Wolf was a master stroke by the kunst palast's director Beat Wismer. Both artists were/are fascinated by mountains and rock formations and although their interpretations are very different the similarities are also very strong.
These two artists, that lived and worked 200 years apart, are deeply connected, do go along to the show and discover this exhibition for yourselves. It's a beautiful, intriguing and historically a very informative show.

Speaking with Vincenti Todoli (Tate Modern) and Kay Heymer and below Beat Wismer (museum kunst palast)