After Work Arts at museum kunst palast

Next Date May 27th

On the fourth Thursday of the month, last month on March 25th, RhineBuzz hosted the second RhineBuzz After Work Arts at museum kunst palast, something that will be a regular event. When you arrive all you can expect is an art workshop, but the techniques we will be using are not disclosed until the evening of the event — all very interesting and a part of the concept. The evening is not about being an expert, but about having fun, being creative and enjoy trying, and learning something new, which means everybody can participate and everybody can enjoy it.

This time was very different from the last when we were here in February. Several of the March participants had also enjoyed the February event, but we also had some new faces.

This workshop started differently than the February event. Whilst we began directly in the studio last time, on this occasion our excellent guide took us to see a piece of art to start with, a fascinating 3D collage hanging inside the museum — of course to inspire us. After having observed the piece of art and being told more about the background we headed back through the museum and into the well equipped studio.
Last time we were working with limited equipment, this time was very different, we used a large range of materials — colouring as well as collages were on the agenda.

In February we painted in water and followed a concept by the artist Sarkis who had a show at the museum a while ago. The workshop included an exercise to show how to transfer the feeling from the paint in water activities onto paper — mainly the feeling and the knowledge about water colours in water and how the colours respond.
This time we worked with other techniques, using other people's art to create our own by using colours to put new life into black and white prints, and then later by creating collages. With access to the large amount of material mkp has available this was fantastic. We worked with water colours, oil pastels, charcoals, pencils, ink, as well as pieces of strings, coloured papers, glue, tape, old post cards and so forth. A very interesting experience — and the results were fascinating to see!

Already looking forward to the April event!
Next date May 27th in the Studio at museum kunst palast, from 7 to 9pm.
Cost is €18, all materials are included.
Email to reserve your place.
More information here

Thank you to Ann-Katrin from Sweden who wrote this piece and took the photos for us.