A Great Idea! After Work Arts at mkp

The beauty of our After Work Arts at mkp is manifold.
We enjoy the luxury of a mini, personal 'tour'. An peek at world-class paintings, a bit of background information and a whole lot more on the techniques and ideas used in one or two selected pieces in just 10 minutes.
Then we head for the studio. Robe-up and are let loose on paper, canvas and an abundant supply of paint.
Our wonderful instructor, Sabrina Haunsperger, is a young prize-winning artist. She has spent some time in New York and so is only to happy to share both her practical and theoretical experience with us in English. I see our group hanging on to every word.
Some are a little hesitant to begin. How do I begin? Where do I begin?
But once one person gets going there is no stopping us and we indulge in what I can only call paint heaven.
Now if you have ever painted at home you will appreciate the facilities at this magnificent studio all the more.
You don’t have to carefully select the paints you wish to purchase in the arts shop often at great expense - they are all there.
You don’t have one precious canvas to paint on. At home you might sit and pontificate on “doing it right” on this one precious base that you have just purchased ... The various bases we use in the studio are in ample supply.
You don’t have to protect your floor or table. Sabrina prepares the studio for us.
You don’t have to clear up. We do a bit, paintbrushes in buckets, lids on paints, but this is an enormous studio. You don’t have to clear away everything to put dinner on the table.
You are distracted by nothing. You can totally switch-off. You can do nothing but create.
Everyone completely relaxes in the studio. Phones are switched off without hesitation.

Many have said that this is just, if not more, relaxing as taking part in sports or visiting a spa.
And perhaps most precious of all we get to see masterpieces first and realise and respect that it’s very much not a case of “I can do that,” as is so often said.

Techniques and ideas, the very craft of making art; it is child’s play and it isn’t. And you only come to really appreciate this if you have a go yourself.
However, this so isn't an ‘art class’. This isn’t about learning to do something properly. There is no right way to create and the emphasis is so very much on having a go and not “can I make a fabulous painting?”
Those that thought they were 'not artstic' are astounded at what they do have to take home at the end of the day, but that’s ‘just’ a delicious by-product.

Last Thursday May 27th, was only my second session of the four we have so far hosted. I am thrilled to have started this partnership with mkp as I see and hear that many of the RhineBuzzers also are.
We have never received so many emails saying “I’d like to join but can’t mid-week” so we have booked the studio as a one-off on Sunday June 27th. We will repeat the Jackson Pollock session from April from 2-4pm. If this is a success, we will look at a regular weekend date from the autumn.
€18 buys you a whole lot. A peek at the exhibition, expert knowledge, endless paint, tools and materials to work with. Many laughs and moments of silence and contemplation.
It’s fantastic value and a really great night out. Just ask any one who has joined us so far, they don’t want to go home!
And thank you mkp. We just love you!
Karl Otto Götz Orchideenbild and our attempts having contemplated the work of Götz

RhineBuzz After Work Arts
at the Studio at mkp happens every fourth Thursday of the month
 from 7-9pm.
Next date October 27 7 - 9pm

Places must be booked one week before the event.