Susanne Kamps at the Town Hall

Susanne Kamps 25 Degrés en Hiver

Susanne Kamps' paintings are gorgeous.
Thick with vibrant colours you can almost taste, feel and smell, with the idea that the sun is nearly always shining, her images evoke memories of holidays - not travel, but relaxing in a bar by the water and watching the world go by. Reminiscent of scenes from a riviera - boats, flowers, fruit, cakes, retro interiors and fashion accessories, shops filled with earrings and hats. There's always a 'feel-good' moment. Indeed the artist spends much of her time in the South of France and more recently on Croatian islands.
I met Susanne at Kunstpunkte years ago and again this year. Immediately I was relieved and happy to find something that made me smile after numerous dark and quite frankly grim works that filled the studios we had visited that day. I mentioned this frustration to Hanns Heidenheim, a gentleman of 80 plus whose home and studio was crammed with fascinating paintings of dancers, cities and the travels of his amazing life. His were the first works I had liked all day.
Go and see Susanne, he told me, she'll make you smile. And indeed she did.
Now some 3 years later Susanne's paintings have been chosen by Bürgermeister Conzen to be shown in his office in the Town Hall. I am delighted for her and will certainly be at the opening on Thursday 8th October, which is open to the public. We are unsure if and how the public will be able to view these marvellous works, but I'll find out on Thursday and then let you know.
Alternatively we could visit Susanne's studio in Glozheim at a later date. It is a boudoir of succulent colour and wonderful scenes.
If you would like to visit Susanne's studio let us know and we will fix a date for a group visit.
Susanne Kamps Opening 
Thursday, 7 October 2010 at 12.30pm
in the office of Bürgermeister Conzen
Rathaus, Marktplatz 2
 40213 Düsseldorf