Klaus Mettig. Works 1976 - 2010 at museum kunst palast

Self Portrait © Klaus Mettig, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2010
China, September - October 1978 (Beijinng Yanan Xian Luoyang) 
© Klaus Mettig 
Photograph RhineBuzz

This show runs until January 23. The museum is open from 1 - 6pm on Christmas and Boxing Day.

The RhineBuzz community have been invited to the opening of Klaus Mettig. Works 1976 - 2010 this evening at the museum kunst palast at 7pm.
This is a monumental show, even the hardened journalists said 'wow' as they walked into the impressive exhibition halls at the press preview. We are treated to large format panoramas - his most recent work, wall installations of black and white photographs visualising a chronicle of our times, intriguing an enlightening, and huge slide projections also showing social and cultural documentation and important world happenings of over 40 decades.
His observations include milestones such as China shortly after the death of Mao; Moscow on the evening before Perestroijka; New York from Nixon to Obama.
Rare shots of Bhutan; South Korea at the beginning of the 1990's.
Klaus Mettig. Works 1976 - 2010 © Klaus Mettig 
Photograph RhineBuzz
Mettig lives in Düsseldorf.
An excellent catalogue accompanies the exhibition with text in both English and German.