Open Source Festival

The Editors 
©Rebecca Miller
23 July 2011 Galopprennbahn Grafenberg Düsseldorf

The Open Source Festival is the brainchild of Philipp Maiburg, whom I recently interviewed as part of my research for the programme for the BBC on Düsseldorf as host of the Eurovision Song Contest. I'd been meaning to meet with Philipp for a while.

We certainly had lots to share. Philipp is involved in so many varied projects from fashion to music and I know that RhineBuzz will be working with him and one, or many, or his several great events in the future.

For now be aware that The Editors will be headlining The Open Source Festival at the Galopprennbahn in Grafenberg (race course) on July 23.
Also in the lineup are Mount Kimbie, listed by NME as one of the top 30 artists to watch out for in 2011, and Beat! Beat! Beat! 
It promises to be a great day and night!

A limited number of Early Bird tickets are available now for just €19.00 (+ postage) here
Ticket prices include an entire day's great music at the Galopprennbahn from 2pm until 10pm, and then a free shuttle to the evening club venues in the city. Free public transport to the race course is also included with the Rheinbahn.

Open Source 2010

Philipp left our lunch at Olio's saying there were a handful of people in the city who really cared about what happened in Düsseldorf as regards to arts and culture, and who actually had the energy to do something about it. He seemed happy we had found one another.
I take that as a huge compliment! Thanks Philipp, I enjoyed meeting you too!