Experimental Theatre at the Theatre Museum

There will be a performance of experimental theatre at the 
Theatre Museum on April 16 at 7.30pm. €5/3.50
Jägerhofstraße 1 
40479 Düsseldorf
Vier Performances 
(in deutscher und englischer Sprache) 
Kate Laycock , Lisa Jeschke und Lucy Beynon
Podium im Theatermuseum, Düsseldorf
A dark, empty room. The only light comes from a water-cooler bubbling gently away in the centre. Go closer, and the voices will begin...  
Climate Change Reminds me of God 
 - Directed by Kate Laycock (15 Minutes)
          English and German
john hurts [from idiot] 
 - Directed and performed by Lucy Beynon und Lisa Jeschke (35 Minutes)
Eine Frau schafft sich ab 
 - Regie und Performance: Kate Laycock (10 Minutes)
untitled (he's dead / he's dead / i've shot him in the head) 
 - Regie und Performance: Lucy Beynon und Lisa Jeschke (10 Minutes)
About the theatre makers: 
Kate Laycock lives in Düsseldorf. Combining sound installation, journalism and performance, her work focusses on issues of climate change and social justice. 
Lucy Beynon and Lisa Jeschke live in Berlin. They have been working together since 2007 and have been performing widely in Germany and the UK.