"We Love Music" with Antenne Düsseldorf

We spent a great Saturday afternoon yesterday when Tim D. Morand and I gave our "We Love Music" tour to winners from local radio station Antenne Düsseldorf for Düsseldorf Marketing and Tourism.

Tim held court, giving the tour in German and engrossing and entertaining all around once again.

Tim and Antenne Düsseldorf

As Tim talked about Henry Storch outside his club the Blue Note on Kurze Strasse in the Altstadt I was able to give away Maxi CD's by Laura Vane who is on Henry's Unique record label, kindly given to me by henry earlier in the day.

Laura and the Vipertones will be playing at the The Golzheim Festival at 5pm under the Theodor Heuss Bridge on September 3. Join us for the tour at 3pm in the Altstadt and then we will all rush over to the Festival for what is guareented to be a rocking show. I met Laura in Stone last year and believe me, she puts on a wonderful show.

To finish the tour we were delighted to have two tenors from the Chorus of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Andreas Schönberg and Luis Fernando Piedra.
Some of our guests had tears in their eyes. I just love doing this, gently cojoling people into experiencing something they might not normally.

Tim introduces Andreas and Luis from DOR

I am delighted that Tim and I are able to turn the tour into such a memorable event as we know so many people in musical professions in the city who are happily keen to help out. The surprised faces of our guests are such a joy to see!

Responses to the tour were excellent; we already have new people interested in visiting the Opera with the RhineBuzz group on one of our monthly visits, another visitor said the highlight for her was discovering that we had such an excellent all-round music man as Henry Storch right here, a local Düsseldorfer, and others were just astounded at the little dip into history they discovered about their hometown hearing tales of Schumann and Mendelssohn who once worked avidly here in their neighbourhood!

This couple came from Dortmund for the tour!

"We Love Music", all fixed tours in German at 3pm beginning from the tourist information Altstadt, €10 per person. Tours in English also possible, please enquire to tours@rhinebuzz.com 
Upcoming dates: 
September 3
October 1
November 5