Merry Christmas Everyone!

If you are staying in Düsseldorf there’s quite a nice choice of things you can do if you don't wish to stay home over the festive period.

My top pick would be the Ballet on the Rhine, Martin Schläpfer’s b.10, which I’ve seen twice now - and I’d love to see it again! There will be performances on December 22 and 26, and a few tickets left for each evening.

My Opera Scout review is here.

b.10 Gert Weigelt 

If you want to get out and dance our favourite DJ Henry Storch is hosting a party on Christmas Eve at his Blue Note club on Kurzer Str 13 in the Altstadt with the Siam cocktail bar next door from 11.30pm.
You will be able to groove to a mixture of the greatest sounds on a couple of floor levels.

On Boxing Day, another RhineBuzz favourite, The Schumann Quartett are playing at the Robert Schumann Hall in the Museum Kunstpalast. This time with piano, it promises to be great!

So it simply remains for me to wish you all a wonderful Christmas!
If you are travelling, stay safe, I hope all goes well without delays and that you enjoy a relaxed and fun time with your loved ones. If you are staying in the city, enjoy yourselves! The Christmas Market is still on up until December 23, so there's still time for delicious goodies and maybe I'll see you around. I'm staying here and looking forward to friends, music and lots of rest after a crazy and exhilarating year. 
But more of that next week .... x

©Cindy Voss Photography