A Musical Walk Through Time

RhineBuzz is pleased to present the first own event of 2012 on March 1 2012 at 7.30pm with Julia Coulmas, a bright, young soprano from Florida and former principle singer with the Tampa Bay Opera. We are now very fortunate to count her as a vibrant new member of the RhineBuzz community!
'A Musical Walk Through Time' will feature popular Broadway and opera highlights accompanied by Michael Carleton on piano.
We are also especially happy to be hosting this at the Weinzimmer on Burgplatz.
It never ceases to astound me the incredible talent of those that write to RhineBuzz. Julia contacted me recently and soon we had a her singing at a private event, and then again on the first 'We Love Music' tour of the year. I think it's true to say we were pretty astounded at the marvellous voice that came out of this very tiny woman, we even had a guest with a tear in his eye on the recent tour, so it is with all the more anticipation that we look forward to a lovely evening of wine, fine melodies and two most wonderful artists.
Do come and join us!
Tickets, €10, may be purchased by sending an email to: opera@rhinebuzz.com

Julia Coulmas and Micheal Carleton

"A Musical Walk Through Time"

March 1 2012 at 7.30pm


Burgplatz 12

40213 Düsseldorf