SingPause Benefit Concert May 3 at the Tonhalle


One of my most favourite people in the city just has to be Manfred Hill.
I met him at the Tonhalle at the benefit concert for Japan after the catastrophe in the spring of last year. He immediately offered his help with the preparation for the 'We Love Music' tour in a most generous and uncomplicated way. This man knows so very much about the music history of the city, he just astounds me!

Being chairman of the Städtische Musikverein, one of the world's oldest choirs and music organisations, just isn't enough for Manfred Hill! In 2006, he initiated the project SingPause, bringing the joy of singing to primary school children and providing them with much-valued musical education. Currently 54 primary schools take part in SingPause, this means some 11,000 children of the first to fourth grades receive hands-on musical education for 20 minutes twice a week. The young people learn a new song in a different language every month, so at the end of the four years they know 48 songs in a variety of tongues and rhythms.

SingPause is financed to two thirds by the city and one third by donations and sponsorship. Established music teachers are especially trained in the 'Ward method' and then they rotate around the numerous schools.
It costs just €50 a year for one child to be able to take part in this fabulous gift of music. 

Music, which not only brings such happiness, but it is also encourages an enormous feeling of togetherness. Teachers experience a more harmonious class, learning flows much easier, each child gains a real sense of achievement as no one is told 'you can't sing' and the pride felt in taking part in the concerts that happen throughout the year in the Tonhalle delight not only the young singers but of course their family and friends too.
It's a gift for life.

On May 3 at 8pm award-winning Martin Stadtfeld will be giving a benefit concert in the Tonhalle along with a children of the SingPause and the Orchestra of the Landesregierung Düsseldorf.
Martin Stadtfeld is an obvious choice of a benefit concert to be involved in; he strongly believes in the benefits of the involvement in music for children, especially as this is open to all children, not only those whose parents encourage musical education but those who may, quite simply without SingPause, might possibly miss out.
A musical grounding brings so many advantages in later life.

Tickets €25 - 45.00 are available by:
emailing, calling 0211 89 96 123 or from the box office at the Tonhalle.
Please join us not only for a spectacular concert but also be part of something valuable in your city for now and for the future.

To Manfred Hill and his team of volunteers who tirelessly raise money to train new teachers and put them into our schools, you deserve to be so very proud.

Martin Stadtfeld

The concert programme includes:
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Variations sérieuses op. 54 
Antonin Dvorak Concert for piano and orchestra op. 33

Ehrenhof 1
40479 Düsseldorf