düsseldorf festival!

The düsseldorf festival! kicks off on September 12 and runs until October 3 2012.

Now in its twenty second year, formerly known as the altstadtherbst, this splendid festival of the performing arts brings together hip hop, new circus, jazz, Baroque music, acrobatics, choral music, tai-chi, world music, dance, classical highlights, both well known and as yet undiscovered and so very, very much more!

Noemi Waysfeld 
September 16 Festival Marquee, Burgplatz
photo ©Alexis Rimbaud

A festival in the true sense of the word, the three weeks not only bring new and stimulating experiences to its curious audience, but also creates a precious time when artists from around the globe meet and exchange moments and ideas, often in the communal kitchen which is traditionally run by volunteers. Historical city tours are also on offer and with the venues all around town from the main festival marquee on Burgplatz to churches, K21 - the museum of contemporary art, the Tonhalle and the intimate Heinrich-Heine bookstore café and more, it's also a great way of discovering the endless stages we have in the city.

Zimmermann & de Perrot 
September 19 - 21 Festival Marquee, Burgplatz
photo ©Mario Del Curto Strates

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