The Krypta with Emil Schult

A most exclusive RhineBuzz event!

Emil Schult, longtime collaborator of Kraftwerk, creator of the famed Autobahn cover and contributing artist of the 3D visualisations of the ongoing sell out Kraftwerk concerts is a working Düsseldorf artist and happily a big RhineBuzz fan :)
From 1995 to 2000 Emil decorated the Krypta in the Robert Schumann School of Music, painting the ceiling, walls and floor intricately with all encompassing esoteric themes. Stockhausen composed a soundtrack for the Krypta. 

This is a space of great tranquility and beauty. A most special place in the city.
Emil has agreed to give us another public RhineBuzz tour of the Krypta. The last was three years ago! Spaces are limited to 20, price €15:00

Please register 
RhineBuzz Tour May 7 at 11:00
The Krypta 
Fischer Strasse 110
40476 Düsseldorf