Ia Orana!

Yes, I was one of the impossibly lucky folks who won a couple of round-the-world tickets.
But I didn't want to go around the world.

Instead I chose to visit the South Pacific ..... Jurassic Park for Real
Lush green, green landscapes that jut out of the never-ending blue ocean

A people colourful, songful, graceful and with a raw beauty that will surely always be of great mystery and fascination to us 

A journey of many tiny islands, often precarious, mostly very bumpy flights, sharks, Jaques Brel, awe inspiring waves, the home of surfing and tales of cannibals ....

I spent 8 weeks travelling around some of the most remote islands in the world including the Marquesas which, with their geographical location of being almost 5,000 km away from mainland Mexico, rarely see visitors but for the round-the-world-sailors that take shelter in their harbours. These islands were also the destination where the expressionist painter Gauguin chose to escape European civilisation and "everything that is artificial and conventional", and to this day, there is very little infrastructure. 

The Austral Islands were also on my schedule, the paradise where Fletcher Christian landed following the Mutiny on the Bounty and where in the middle of the deep, dark South Pacific Ocean I made friends with a colourful, curious tropical fish who ate out of my hand!

Beat the winter in Germany and come and join us for a lively talk and impressions of paradise on 
Wednesday December 11 at 7pm 
at the English Language Forum  in the heart of the Altstadt
Neustrasse 39
40231 Düsseldorf

Please register with Andy theforum@web.de or caroline@rhinebuzz.com
€10.00 inc South Pacific cocktail :)
Spaces are limited!