RhineBuzz Masterclasses - Gonzalo Eyzaguirre Percussion

So many extremely talented people contact me - they either wish to take part in our events or request support with beginning a 
project of their own.

For this very reason I have wanted to offer RhineBuzz Masterclasses for some time now so May 17, our first one will take place!
This will be the first of a series of offering artists in the area the chance to meet an internationally renowned artist. The Masterclasses will all differ from one another in both theme and format.

Our first will be given by the young Chilean percussionist 
Gonzalo Eyzaguirre

Gonzalo Eyzaguirre, percussionist from Chile, currently a scholarship student for contemporary performance at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus, will be in Düsseldorf for just two days to meet like-minded musicians and share his vast knowledge and love of music.
For the first in a series of RhineBuzz Masterclasses, Gonzalo will be offering a four hour workshop for ANYONE who would like to learn about percussion - haven't you always wanted to bang on a drum?!
Now is your chance - and what a teacher we have found you!

The workshop will include Cumbia music - congas, guiro, guacharaca and cowbell and Afro Cuban music - how to develop drums and hand percussion.

His musical experience at the tender age of 28 is inspiring - Gonzalo has played with some of Chile's most successful bands for a number of years; he is professor of percussion at Uniacc University; has worked in film music, tv, musical production ... as a great communicator of his craft, no wonder Berklee were keen to have him in Valencia!

One of his most recent projects include his work as ambassador for Percuation, an organisation founded by much-respected Coloumbian percussionist Tupac Mantilla, spreading the word about the benefits of using the body as a percussion instrument for both education and performance

The philosophy of Percuaction - Global Percussion Network will be included in the workshop.

€59.00 per person 
Reservations: masterclass@rhinebuzz.com
May 17 from 2 - 6pm
Reisholzer Werftstrasse 39
40589 Düsseldorf

with thanks for the support from Unique