Kunstpunkte 20 Years - RhineBuzz tour of the Open Studios

Düsseldorf artists open their doors on two weekends in September for the Kunstpunkte - Arts Points - a constellation of visual arts, photography, sculpture and performance, often in almost secret, mysterious spaces around the city.
With over 500 open studios to visit, the choice can be overwhelming!
RhineBuzz will be taking you on a tour of selected studios on Sunday September 11 in the funky vintage bus that everyone really loves! We visit 5 or 6 studios, meet the artists and chat, and have the chance for a close-up look at their work.
Not only will we be peeking in the courtyards and big doors you would normally never see behind, but you will also leave with a greater understanding of how vital the arts are in this city.

I, Caroline West, will be hosting the afternoon with poet and writer Frank Schablewski, together we will be introducing you to the artists we will visit and be chatting about the arts‘ scene and its history in Düsseldorf in between stops.

Do pick-up the flyer which can be found in cafés, bookstores, museums and other various points around the city for an extensive map of the studios and details of the Friday night events, where the alternative spaces in the city will act as a stage for all kind of happenings.
Also, as Kunstpunkte is celebrating 20 years in 2017, numerous 'specials' will be taking place.

Kunstpunkte RhineBuzz tour in English
September 11 at 15:00
Meeting point Rheinterrasse, Joseph-Beuys Ufer -14.40 sharp! 
The bus leaves at 15.00 and returns to this point at 18.00
Limited seats €15.00 per person
For reservations on the vintage bus please email Petra Barabasch at the Department of Culture: petra.barabasch@duesseldorf.de 
or call 0211 89 24 197. Petra speaks English