museum kunst palast & the robert schumann hall

Le grand geste! opened at museum kunst palast in April and as part of the colourful accompanying program Thursday 6th May saw a talk in English by Vincent Katz, poet and arts critic on 'Artists in New York around 1950'.
This coming Thursday, July 15th the Ed Harris movie "Pollock" will be shown at 6.30pm in the museum. It will be in German.
Every Thursday the museum is open until 9pm. From 15th July until 1st August the mkp is offering two for one entry. Buy one ticket and bring a friend for free!
Le grand geste! features some 200 works in an exhibition of abstract and informal ideas from 1946 - 64 when this new form of painting was being celebrated around the globe. Bold and powerful, including the well-known paintings by Jackson Pollock this is a show not to be missed. A massive 1500 people attended the opening I am told.
Create your own Jackson Pollock!
museum kunst palast shared this fabulous link with us - have a go it's great fun!
Next Arts Session after the summer break: Sept 12th 2 - 4pm and Sept 23rd 7 - 9pm
At the last After Work Arts at mkp the RhineBuzzers had a ball as they put this into practice for real. They had a fabulous time -
"It was the best! Came home full of energy, what a great event, the After Work Art events at Museum Kunst Palast are amazing!"
It was outrageous fun!!! I think it reminded us all of what it once felt like to be in kindergarten and get in touch with our inner child, inner artists as well as work as a team and be creative as a group. I highly recommend it!"
"Loved it!"
email to reserve your place.
Thank you to Ann-Katrin for the photos.

In June we hosted two dates on a Thursday and a Sunday. Both were a great success. After the summer break in August we will be back fro September every fourth Thursday of the month.
The 440Hz Series at the robert schumann hall at mkp
Blank and Jones and Alexander Shelley and The Schumann Camerata Orchestra
On Saturday night I was invited to the Blank and Jones and Alexander Shelley concert at the robert schumann hall on the lower floor of mkp.
As part of the 440Hz Series the aim of these concerts is to bring classical music to a younger, broader audience by combining the talents of award-winning British conductor and cellist extrordinare Alexander Shelley with the young (average age 24) Düsseldorf Schumann Camerata Orchestra which he founded and the various genres of music - hip-hop, jazz, a cappella or as on Saturday night, electronica with Blank and Jones.
Now I'm not an electronica fan, but always open to have a listen to something I'm not 100% keen on, my companion and I walked into the cool museum on Saturday evening quite early as I wanted to see who was coming to this concert.
It was indeed a very mixed audience of all ages, including everyone from young dedicated Blank and Jones fans to a few retired folk and everyone in between. I did definitely miss any signs of the international community in those gaining great pleasure from the fantastically air-conditioned foyer. We obviously have yet to discover the joys of 440Hz.
What can I say? The concert was wonderful!!!
Even my vinyl-loving, "real instrument" aficionado companion was quite taken by the atmosphere of the concert, the tones and sheer enjoyment with which these bright young classical musicians wove, blended and performed with the djs.
Conductor Alexander Shelley has a presence on stage that is exhilarating - he so obviously loves his work enormously and his musicians just adore being part of this project. The smiles on their faces said it all.
The evening included pieces by Ravel and a composition by Shelley himself.
Can't wait for the next 44Hz concert which if I understood the introduction correctly will involve a karoke-singing opera singer and the orchestra ... don't ask me! Just make sure you are there. We will let you know in plenty of time when it is.
RhineBuzz really enjoyed the Schumann Quartett event we took part in earlier in the year and now we know about more of your great program.
Thanks mkp for another wonderful evening!