Merry Christmas Everyone!

So here it is again, that time of the year - nearly all the RhineBuzzers are heading home; planes, trains, automobiles ... and snow.
I wish you all the Happiest Christmas and a very peaceful New Year and so look forward to seeing you all again in 2011. Safe travels people.
It's been quite a year for me personally, full of everything life loves to throw at us. Enormous sorrow and great joy. My heartfelt thanks go to all who have helped to make RhineBuzz what it is today. Last week at the Christmas Meetup in the Altstadt I was able to tell everyone who asked, that RhineBuzz is truly doing great. Our city partnerships have grown and I am invited to more and more wonderful presentations and events and am more than delighted to let you all know what it happening here. I see stunning performances that I just would never have known of before and sometimes I even see complete nonsense, but it's all extremely enriching. There's a whole lot planned for 2011, it's exciting and very stimulating. 
But what makes RhineBuzz really, really special are the people we attract. They are quite simply extraordinary. I am privileged to know you all, you add fascination and  charm to my days in a way that few jobs can and you bring me a great deal to smile and think about and I am incredibly thankful.
The international community is transient. We are having leaving parties all the time and it's always sad to say goodbye; on the other hand new folks arrive every day and RhineBuzz never stands still. I am told again and again what has been created here is truly special and I'm incredibly proud of this. The feedback I receive is quite simply second to none. I thank each and everyone of you who have taken the time to write or tell me personally what RhineBuzz means to you. I have even received fan mail from people who have never been to Germany but would love to come! Fantastic.

I have thanked them before but simply must do this again. 
John and Ann-Katrin, two wonderful friends I am so grateful to have at my side and who helped to keep things going when I was unable to. What can I say? You know. 
Christmas Tree Extravaganza in Siegerland courtesy of the Messe Düsseldorf

©Bernd Ahrens Photography
A Very Merry Christmas to You All!