Die Grosse Kunstaustellung NRW Düsseldorf 2014

Sculpture ©Beatrix Sassen
award winner of the Artists Arts Prize 2014

One of my favourite shows in the Düsseldorf calender, Die Grosse gives 152 artists from Düsseldorf and the greater area of the state of North Rhine-Westfalia the chance to show what is happening in the studios right now. This is a chance to see some of the most innovative work around, an opportunity to actually purchase directly from the exhibition, and if you take a tour you get to hear how the exhibiting and sales part of the art world works. We may also get to meet an artist or two and find out a little about the creative process.
This is a show packed with painting, photography, sculpture, collage, graffiti, video ... absolutely all genres of the creative process.
Last year these tours were well over-subscibed; the feedback was great!

Historically, this show for artists by artists is one of Europe's oldest and was a starting point for many names which later became hugely influential in the art world. Rodin, Max Ernst and Kandinsky to name but a very limited few!

Every year an artist is awarded the Artists Arts Prize, selected by their peers, this is an award of particular significance to the artist chosen. This year the prize goes to Beatrix Sassen, a woman of great talent and drive, who has a friendly and most endearing gentleness about her. She was permitted to study at the prestigious Düsseldorf Art Academy at just 16, where she was a student of the celebrated German conceptual artist Josef Beuys.

Peter Royen, winner of the Artists Arts Prize 2013 with RhineBuzzer and artist Ace Grandison exchange precious words and ideas at the meet & greet after the RhineBuzz tour in 2013. Peter Royen greatly enjoyed the RhineBuzz community and trying out all the languages he had picked up during his long and creative lifetime. 
Peter Royen later in 2013, just a few months after this photograph was taken. We were all very glad that we had the wonderful chance to meet him.

Die Grosse
Museum Kunstpalast
Ehrenhof 4-5
40479 Düsseldorf

RhineBuzz Tours in English with Michael Kortländer and Caroline West 
February 16 at 2pm
March 2 at 2pm
€5 per person for the tour, €6 exhibition entry per person 
Reservations: tours@rhinebuzz.com

There is a series of events, Matinee, to accompany the exhibition and RhineBuzz is proud to be producing a performance to be premiered at the Museum Kunstpalast on:

Arturo Castro
Marquet K. Lee
photo ©Norman de la Cruz
Sunday March 2 at 11:55 
RhineBuzz proudly presents drei/vier - Arturo Castro, student of the Robert Schumann Music Conservatory, Marquet K. Lee, soloist of the Ballett am Rhein and Milan Schell, student of the Robert Schumann Institute of Music and Media in a performance of music, dance and multi-media, and artists.
Milan Schell
Together with their peers, Nicole Morel, Sonny Loscin, Wun Sze Chan, dancers from the Ballett am Rhein and musicians, Marta Pérez Lopéz and and Eduardo Herrero Férnández, they will be exploring questions and emotions of the familiar and what it means to be unfamiliar - a status most of the RhineBuzz community can identify with on a very personal level.
I look forward to seeing you there!