drei/vier - Matinee at Die Grosse at Museum Kunstpalast

It all started with a simple question: Why is there in Düsseldorf, a city with a great cultural movement, so little cooperation between the younger generations of artists outside their disciplines? I really wanted to work with these other artists. So I talked to Caroline at RhineBuzz and she replied that she would introduce me to people who could possibly help form an answer.

I had the opportunity to ask this question to other artists, museum directors, curators, press members and PR people, arriving quickly to the conclusion that one possible answer lay in our disposition to create something together. Shortly after that I met Marquet K. Lee, a soloist of the Ballett am Rhein, and an artist with a great curiosity and sensibility. He studied in New York and has had the opportunity to experiment a great deal of modern expressions in art and is very open to interdisciplinary creations.
Marquet had met Caroline on a previous RhineBuzz project and asked her similar questions to mine, so she took him along to a performance of guitarists from the Robert Schumann School of Music.
Marquet and I met, chatted and an idea was born!

With Caroline advising us on the logistical and pragmatic aspect of the project we developed the idea for drei/vier. As two foreigners in Germany, our main subject was to explore what exactly made us feel familiar here and what reminded us entirely of our non-German position. This fitted well with collaborating with RhineBuzz which is full of people like us.

A secondary subject that is very important to us, is the involvement of the public. We are both, Marquet as a dancer and I as a musician, used to performing on a stage, we accept this audience-artist separation. But we wanted to break with this and make the performance as open and inclusive for everyone as possible. That is why we decided to add a third artist, Milan Schell, student of the Institute for Music and Media at the Robert Schumann Music School, who will create this bridge between the audience and ourselves using projections and changes in lights.

For the past several weeks we have worked together along with the company of three other great dancers from the Ballett am Rhein, Nicole Morel, Sonny Loscin, Wun Sze Chan and the talented musicians Marta Pérez López, Julia Jacobs and Eduardo Herrero Fernández, to explore our themes and create this performance.
Each using our own mediums, this very thin line which separates what exactly makes us feel familiar, and what it is to be unfamiliar, is explored with one another and an audience.

Thanks to RhineBuzz, and we are able to present this work as part of the series of matinees at the exhibition Die Grosse, one of Germany’s oldest arts exhibitions, in the Museum Kunstpalast
We look forward to you joining us, and to you creating, sharing and experiencing both us, and yourselves, in this performance with us.
Matinee at Die Grosse
Sunday March 2 at 11:55
Museum Kunstpalast
€6 (€3 concessions) entry

with special thanks to Michael Kortländer 
chairman of Die Grosse 

Arturo Castro-Nogueras