Photography Masterclass with Pete Marifoglou

Broken Pavement New York City 1969
@Pete Marifoglou

Next in our series of RhineBuzz Masterclasses will be an afternoon with New York photographer Pete Marifoglou on Monday May 14.

The moment I laid eyes on his work I just knew this was something extraordinarily special.  

As a student of School of Visual Arts NY, Pete took lectures with Robert Mapplethorpe, Diane Arbus, Duane Michals and Nam June Paik to name but a few. He was invited to take stills at Andy Warhol's Factory. His images are so iconic they almost defy description, we have seen these scenes in so many magazines, but the view is very much his own.

This masterclass will be about looking and considering what we actually see.

Pete Marifoglou
@ Markus Luigs

Today with our phones and digital cameras it is easy to not really see what we photograph - we snap away, then sift through endless images in the hope that we have caught the right one. Pete is an old school photographer, carefully considering his frame and subject before taking that shot. And then, what an image you have! Not a pot-luck photo, but a carefully decided image - a real photograph.

Pete Marifolgou is the winner of two Grimme prizes, one of the most prestigious prizes in German tv.
His work has been described as 'not only rare, but the best emotional I have ever seen for many years' by the director of the Chagall Museum in Nice.
I took his work to the Jewish Museum in New York and could see the look of discovery in the eyes of the curator. 
Other people in the arts world have said, 'Few people are still alive who have experienced the New York at the time that you did. It is a real treasure to see this work and to be able to ask a living person about where it came from, how it came about ' .

' I place you high among the new European photographers' J.C. Lemony, Director of Bibliothéque National Paris in 1979.

Especially for RhineBuzz Pete will take just 4 keen photographers out and about to see his Düsseldorf.  First you will meet, and glimpse his work, then he will take you to shoot in and about town, you will spend the final hour assessing what you have each done.

Cost €88.00
The workshop will take place in the city centre of Düsseldorf, weather permitting
For further details please email
You can use a digital camera for this workshop