Biggest Funfair on the Rhine

The Biggest Funfair on the Rhine is currently at home on the Oberkassel side of the Rhine.
It's truly massive - you can't miss it!
Opening Saturday July 15 and closing July 24.
The first Monday is Pink Monday, attracting some 50,000 gays and lesbians from all over the region.

The fair is steeped in tradition and history, now in it's 110th year. It is hosted by the marksmens' guild of St Sebastianus. 
Again I will be joining the Düsseldorf Marketing and Tourism team this year and will have a chance to take part in the traditional 'Entenschiessen'. I'm taking a group of tour operators from UK this year, it'll be intersting to see what they make of it all!
You cannot fail to notice the huge fairground which reaches the entire length of the Rhine bank from the Oberkasseler Bridge to the Rheinknee Bridge in Oberkassel.
This is a funfair of superlatives: biggest, most colourful, highest, fastest ...

No visit to the fair would be complete without sampling the traditional Alt beer from one of the many brewery tents dotted around the fair. 
Complete the fun with a trip across the Rhine on the special Kirmes Ferry which takes you back to the Altstadt way into the early hours of the morning.
If you don't like the crowds view the fair from the Rheinpromenade in the Altstadt on the other side of the river. At night it is an awesome sight.

The Rhine Funfair is on until Sunday July 24th.
On Friday 22nd at around 10.30pm there will be a huge fireworks display. Prize positions for gazing at the sparkly skies are from the Obekasselser Bridge and the Rhine Promanade in the Altstadt.

Thanks DMT - I've enjoyed working with you this past year. With Eurovision, new tours and thousands of journalists in town it's been quite a yea! I've greatly enjoyed raving to the foreign journalists about this wondeful city, met some incredible people and hope that our partnership continues in such a dynamic and enriching fashion!