Luis Regidor

Luis Regidor sings for Henry Storch and Tracy Bymoen on Ratinger Strasse

If people are fortunate enough to like their jobs, this is often because of one of two simple reasons, they tend to say: 
1. I travel a lot 
2. I meet great people
I'm happy to say I can/have ticked both boxes.
I've travelled extensively and am more than happy to stay put in Düsseldorf right now.
RhineBuzz gives me the great, really great privilege of meeting the most wonderful people. Today I am especially delighted at all that I have experienced with this incredible community of bright and fascinating characters from all over the globe.

This afternoon Düsseldorf plays a small part in the great Montreux Jazz Festivawhen Luis Regidor, student at the Robert Schumann Music School here in Düsseldorf, will be singing late this afternoon, in the finals of the Shure Voice Competition, judged by none other than Quincy Jones!
When I heard morning, that Luis had made it through the semi-finals last night and was singing again today I seriously considered leaping in the car and being there to support him. I have to work this afternoon though, I'll be showing Juha Veli Jokinen of the Finnish daily newspaper "Iltalethi"  around town with the "We Love Music" and "Art in Düsseldorf" tours and so really can't do this. Otherwise ...

In January I hosted a party asking the RhineBuzz community to come and sing for us all. The response was unreal. Amongst others Luis wrote to me, I saw his email at 4 in the morning and responded, " ... thanks for contacting me. This event is now full, but I'll be in touch again for the next one" I was about to send and finally go to bed when I thought, this young man has taken the trouble to write, just click on the myspace link ...
I was spellbound and stayed up until after 5 listening to the various genres Luis had online at the time, from versions of 'Cry Me a River' to heavy rock! This young musician just blew me away!! 
I called him the very next day and am very happy to say we've been friends ever since. 

I was overjoyed to hear he had been accepted for The Voice Competition at one of the world's greatest jazz festivals, Montreux. Luis sent me the links of what he had submitted. I knew he was on to a winner. We last met a few weeks a go when I set up an interview with Tracy Bymoen from Percy's World and CNN (who was in town for the Jazz Rally) and Luis. He was very excited at the prospect of singing for Quincy Jones, well who wouldn't be(!) and Tracy and Düsseldorf Unique Records owner Henry Storch were charmed by Luis, his humour and talent as he sang for us on Ratinger Strasse. This interview will now be shown as part of the piece on the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Luis, here in Düsseldorf we are all routing for you!!! No matter what the outcome is this afternoon you have achieved something wonderful and you give so very much joy with your music. There will be more a big welcoming party for you when you get back!

And, with Eurovision over and my batteries recharged after a much-needed holiday, a very special event is coming up for all you RhineBuzzers soon in 2012 - watch this space, but it doesn't take much to guess who will be playing for us!!! :)

Update: Luis won second place - congratulations Luis, fabulous!!!
You can see him here