That was the Open Source Festival

Congratulations Philipp Maiburg and the Open Source team!
The Open Source press conference was already a little event in itself. Between Borders played on the stands of the Galopprennbahn (the race course) and Peter Inhoven, butcher extraordinaire, offered the press gourmet sausages of unique combinations such as The Open Source Sausage with ginger, teriyaki, wasabi and chilli!

The Festival itself, last Saturday, was magic. The standard of the bands Philipp brought to the forest of Grafenberger Wald was phenomenal for such a small festival - eclectic, very entertaining and colourful, from the eighties sound of Architecture in Helsinki to the soulful grooves of Cody Chestnut to the huge Editors who headlined and finished off the Festival. Certainly there was something for everyone in every sense of the word and note!

Two happy ticket winners, 
Pedro and his cousin from Portugal, and Tim and I

The drizzle didn't put the crowd off; the atmosphere was warm, smiley and very enthusiastic. Our ticket winners from Taiwan, UK, the Netherlands and Portugal all had a great, great time and Tim and I gathered a great insight into the another aspect of the music world here in Düsseldorf that we can tell our visitors and journalists about on the "We Love Music" Tour.

"We Love Music"

We ended up at Zakk and Foyer after the Festival. Free buses shuttled the party crowd to various venues around town for more sounds into the very early hours. 
The Festival certainly has the potential to grow and grow and we enormously look forward to what's in store next year!