RhineBuzz Arts at mkp

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''I have been really really really trying to make it to one of the painting sessions. Everyone that I know that has been to one has truly enjoyed themselves. You should be really proud of this event :)''
An Egyptian RhineBuzzer
"It was the best! Came home full of energy, what a great event, the After Work Art events at Museum Kunst Palast are amazing!"
A Swedish RhineBuzzer
Thanks again for the action painting event on Sunday, it was great! I enjoyed going behind the scenes in the museum kunst palast and being able to give it a go. Officially the first time I tried arts since primary school. I'm looking forward to the next one!
A Spanish RhineBuzzer
Thank you, RhineBuzz and Sabrina at Museum Kunst Palast, for opening me to the world of Pollock and for the opportunity to get to know more great people and great minds.
An American RhineBuzzer
Have been three times so far and loved every single one of the sessions. Unfortunately won't be able to make this one but will be back in full strength after the summer ;-). Keep up the great work Caroline and co at the MKP!!!
A Czech RhineBuzzer
"I feel like I've just spent a day at the spa!"
A Dutch RhineBuzzer
Hi Caroline, I am not sure if I can wait util 12th of September to be honest!!!
Was great last night, another unique experience with great artists! I am addicted now!
An African RhineBuzzer
I had such a wonderful time - I can't remember the last time I was in such a zen zone just doing art! The instructor was fabulous - she created such a nice positive open atmosphere and sort of led us in playing with stuff. AND we had really groovy background music! Everyone should come - it beats most TV shows, and it beats *yet another* evening standing around at cocktails with people, asking where they're from and how long they've been here. This gives you something more interesting to hold than a cocktail glass, and a much better return on your investment. For boys and girls.
An American RhineBuzzer
Just loved it!
A British RhineBuzzer

I was very surprised at the results at the end of the evening, even though to begin with I'll admit,
 I thought to myself, "I'm not sure about this ..." 
Highly recommendable and just a great, great group of people!
A British RhineBuzzer