I had the privilege of taking a peek at the new museum kunst palast exhibition 'Important Art NRW' which opens on Saturday February 12 at 6pm.
This annual show is important to the citizens and artists of Düsseldorf alike as city and state artists are represented here and the work can be purchased. Most unusual for a museum exhibition.
The show also judged on two levels, an prize is granted for the best artist by his contemporaries, this year it will be presented to is judged by a panel of specialists in the visual arts, both artists and Horst Egon Kalinowski.
There is another prize given for best emerging talent; this is announced on the opening evening in a ceremony in the robert schumann hall.

It was refreshing to be hit by beautiful, fresh colours and a very 'happy' feel. I know Professor Kuhna will approve, the Grosse Kunst NRW prize winner from 2010. I met him last year in the Town Hall and was totally at one with him when he asked in his speech "why do artists have to hit us with their tragedy and sadness all the time ...?"
You will leave this exhibition with a smile on your face.

If you'd like to see the folks supporting the arts in the city go along to he opening on Saturday and for a view of what is happening in local studios do go along to the show which is on until March 6.