Wine Tasting with RhineBuzz

So many wines, so little time!
Or as some Americans may remember, “We will sell no wine, before it’s time.”
Did you know about VIF Weinhandel Düsseldorf right near the Zoo and Schillerplatz stops?
They regularly hold wine tastings from regions around the world; they are typically held on back-to-back weekend days e.g. Friday evenings and Saturday days.  Mr. Sistermanns, part owner, speaks English if you think you are too shy to try. Visit their site and get on their mailing list for the tastings. The emails are in German, but the dates and times should be clear and there is always an attachment listing the wines that will be on offer.
Their next big events include a “tour” of the Piedmont region, on Friday 18 February from 20:00-22:30 hrs for €22.00  
and on Saturday 26 March at 18:00h where vintners from five world-class wineries will present their lineups from South Africa, Italy and Germany for €15.00
That means, there should be some English in there somewhere. 
If you buy €75 or more of wine, the entrance fee is rebated.

Stay tuned for a great RhineBuzz “Wine with Music” event!

Thanks to Krista Terhune for contributing this piece