düsseldorf festival!

The düsseldorf festival! hits town on Wednesday September 18 with a spectacular opening evening in the beautiful St Andreas Church with works by Bach, Poulenc, Haydn and Mozart in a seductive concert featuring Mark Schumann, of RhineBuzz favourites The Schumann Quartett, all under the charismatic direction of Ulrich Brall. This concert was sold out pretty much as soon as it was announced.

Then up until October 6, the city will be treated to an incredible assortment of dance, contemporary circus with Circa; magic, jazz, funk with Amp Fiddler; folk music, hip hop with Rage; theatre, beatbox, poetry, harps with Giovanni Pessi and Susanne Wallumrød;
and .... and .... and ... all taking place at various locations throughout the city and based at the Theatre Marquee on Burgplatz.

Once again Christinane Oxenfort and Andreas Dahmen have put together an incredible festival. Us Düsseldorfers are so very fortunate to have this on our doorstep.

If Grief Could Wait
Photo ©Giovanni Ulvo

Take a look at the programme and if you are uncertain what to choose, perhaps go for something you are not normally drawn to. All performances are chosen with great diligence to bring you the most colourful, dynamic and stimulating festival imaginable.

Ghost Track

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Tell us which countries the dancers are from in the performance Ghost Track and you can win two seats for Friday September 20.

Send your entry to win@rhinebuzz.com. The first correct answer wins the tickets! If you have already won tickets for the 2013 festival you are exempt from taking part.