Séquence 8 - Les 7 doights de la main at the düsseldorf festival!

Urban circus, raw, graceful, spellbinding ...

The audience is enchanted yet, at the same time, completely on edge as the very young acrobats leap and climb and throw themselves into situations that are so precarious that all you can do is hold your breath!

Séquence 8 by the young Canadian circus company Les doights de la main is not 'just' acrobatics, it's also a social piece about the necessity of being dependent on others and yet being able to shine on a very individual level.

Philosophical, charming, thought provoking and also very entertaining. It's about life, the fragility of friendships. You, me, you and me.
Quite an achievement.

Love without ego.

Simply captivating - I wish I could go again!

Séquence at the düsseldorf festival! 
Friday September 26 and 27 at the Theatre Marquee on Burgplatz
Ticket Hotline: 0211 82 82 6622 

The festival continues until October 6