Ghost Track review for the düsseldorf festival!

LeineRoebana Dance Company
©Deen Van Meer

Position yourself in front of the majestic Rhine in the old part of Düsseldorf, Germany. Then picture a multi-award winning, avant-garde Dutch contemporary dance company and a traditional Indonesian Gamelan ensemble doing a performance together. Can you really imagine it? A musical tradition of almost two millennia collaborating with a European modern dance company alongside the Rhine?  

On September 19 and 20 the LeineRoebana Dance Company along with the Kyai Fatahillah Gamelan Ensemble created an incredible and enigmatic atmosphere with their performanceGhost Track. With a very enthusiastic public which was in an absolute awe during the 75 minutes worth of show, the musicians and the dancers communicated with great ease and sensibility a really complex and yet so easy to appreciate piece of art.

As a foreigner in Germany and as a young artist I am really starting to understand why I crossed the Atlantic and learned a new language, cultural offerings like the düsseldorf festival! - which I never would have known about had it not been for RhineBuzz - where you can hear the music of Bach and Mozart in a church one day and the next an eclectic incredible performance like Ghost Track make my time here richer than I would have ever imagined.

Arturo Castro-Nogueras 

Arturo is a  Mexican/Peurto Rican student at the Robert Schumann Music Conservatory. Not only is he a most talented musician, but he also has a keen interest in all the arts added to which, he also happens to be a fabulous cook! All elements which are greatly influential at the düsseldorf festival!
He will be following the festival along with me and I certainly look forward to more of these quite personal posts :)